Wednesday, July 14

There was just a woman on the radio called Mrs Cakebread. Why can't that be my name? Emma Cakebread.

I've just read a fantastic book, Family Life by Elisabeth Luard. It's a true story about this eccentric English woman who goes to Andalucia to live with her four kids. They ride a donkey to school and she spends her time cooking and painting. I want to have four babies and live in a Spanish forest with a donkey, baking cakes and painting flowers all day.

Sometimes I think that life is very unfair.

Friday, July 9

T'internet is ace, it really is. I am listening to XFM through my headphones, while catching up on Call Centre Confidential and drinking a lovely cup of green tea (although the tea obviously has nothing to do with the internet).

Thursday, July 8

Cakefest 2004
Ooooooo, I forgot to recount this spectacular cake fest that happened to me last week. Dave and I decided to go to the v posh Betty's Tea Rooms while we in Harrogate.

We thought we'd go down the traditional route and have a cream tea (although the trolley of cakes was also looking v tempting). Anyway, Dave ordered "two cream teas" - lovely.

When it arrived, I think one cream tea was for two people, and we actually had enough for four people. Two scones each, a massive bowl of clotted cream, plus a giant pot of strawberry jam too. And tea, of course.

We ate the flippin' lot.

Looking forward to our 'Cream Tea Tour of Cornwall' in September.
How do some people get through life?
Here are a few quotes from around my office over the last few weeks.

"Does soya milk come from goats?"

"I didn't know you can die from breast cancer"

"I didn't know what a contraction was, I had to ask Malcolm*" That one was from someone who is v pregnant.

Actually, they are all from one person. I was just softening the blow. Scary.

(*names have been changed)
I'm a bit rubbish
But now I'm back. Blogging is good for the soul, apparently.

Here's a lovely story in today's Guardian, about the people of Nagano in Japan, who live long healthy lives through a combination of good diet, good family relationships and lots of laughter. Warms your cockles.