Friday, August 27

Random Acts of Kindness
It's Friday, so join Danny and perform a random act of kindness.

Today I have made cornflake cakes for my work colleagues.

I have a new mission in life
I want to be an Air guitar champion

Wednesday, August 25

It's my birthday on Monday. This is what I want, if anyone wants to get me a gift!

A spaniel
A cake
A donkey
Sparkly things
Nice hair
A blue or ginger cat
Triplet babies
Another cake

Friday, August 20

Festival Time
Yay! At 3.30pm, I am out of work and off to the V festival. I've got my flowery wellies and little boho-chic dress packed, and I'm going to watch:

The Pixies (Gah! Too excited)
Badly Drawn Boy (I want to cuddle him and wear his funny hat)
Scissor Sisters (I have packed glitter and a (fake) fur coat)

And I'm going to try and see all the following people:

The Thrills
The Strokes
Tim Booth



Thursday, August 19

Bonny Babies
One Valleys' Bonny Baby competition ends, another begins. Time for a bit of chav name spotting. This week's Cynon Valley Leader has the following gems:

Levi (Name your child after a brand. It's consumerism gone bonkers)
Lawson (Surname as first name. Always a winner. See also: Lewis, Morgan etc)
Keelan (Eh? is that even a name?)
Billie-Jo (Do you live in a trailer park in America?)
Finley (A little girl - aw.)
Demi Marie

And my personal favourite, with 'creative' spelling:
Sidnei Tioni

A touch of class.

Wednesday, August 18

Nice people
What a lovely story about human kindness. It makes me want to be a nicer person, and stop being an old cowbag.

Friday, August 13

Shocked of Tunbridge Wells...
I have had a letter published in the Western Mail (scroll down to 'Veggies Don't Bite')!

Thursday, August 12

Congratulations to my lovely friends Gareth and Cath, who are expecting their first sproglet on Feb 20th!

Aunty Emma. Has a nice ring to it, I think.

Wednesday, August 11

I feel soiled
This morning, I had an encounter with a perve on the train. He sat in the seat in front of me, and kept turning round and staring at me. I just ignored him, and carried on reading my book, but he kept on doing it.

When I was picking up my bag to get off the train, he stuck his hand through the seats and started stroking my knee. I got off VERY quickly indeed.

Bleurgh, what a perve. I hope his willy falls off.

Friday, August 6

You Will Love This!
I've seen this guy's book in the shops, but thought it was a bit of a Dave Gorman rip-off so never bothered with it.

He's called Danny Wallace and he's started this movement called 'Join Me', where you join him in agreeing to perform a random act of kindness every Friday. I have signed up, and you should too!

Bugger. It's Friday today and I only have 9 hours and 18 minutes left to complete my random act of kindness!
Fat Goths in the Sunshine
Ah, there's nothing like a fat goth in the sunshine. There was little old me, walking home from work last night in the 27 degree sunshine, flouncing along in a little denim skirt, pink girlie top and a flowery clip in my hair, swinging my handbag and singing a little song to myself.

Suddenly, from under a shady tree, skulked a big fat goth. She was dressed in a long black coat (done up), full length black skirt, thick black tights, and pointy shoes (in a nice shade of black, of course). Her face was white, her lips were black - and she must have been so hot!

I wondered if she secretly longs to have a life filled with glitter and pink things, to be all smiley and wear sparkly lip gloss and furry coats. Maybe she does, but feels she can't, because she has to be a goth and now can't let all her goth friends down by abandoning the way of the drab.

I think I might set up a support group called GGG (Goths Getting Girlie), and they can come round to my house and try on dresses and glitter and drink girlie cocktails - and no-one need ever know about it!

Thursday, August 5

Nice box
I have a new obsession. I participate in an organic vegetable box scheme. It is fantastic! A woman turns up at your house once a week, with a box, and you don't know what's going to be in it! It's like your birthday. Every week.

This week, I got courgettes, brocolli, chard, broad beans, runner beans, tomatoes, potatoes, spring greens, beetroot, swede, carrots and onions. Oh, and a hamster.

Tuesday, August 3

Just looking back at my New Year's Resolutions, and even though it is August - over halfway through the year - I haven't achieved very many of them.

Here are the things I need to achieve pronto.

*Have a lovely holidy - although have booked the cream tea tour of Cornwall so this should do the trick
*Visit the Centre for Alternative Technology - in the middle of nowhere, but surely unethical to drive there?
*Do a 10km race - er, managed a 5km but should be well into training for next one by now
*Get a new hairstyle - if 'messy' counts, I have that already
*Make a new friend - where are all the meepy people?
*Make bread - which I will definitely do next week

But here are the things I have done.

*Visit friends all over the country - have been to Bournemouth, Cambridge, Eastbourne, Stroud and Harrogate already
*Finish the house - phew, 16 months of DIY complete!

Er - that's it! I need to get into action and make some bread for my new friend, run the 10km to their house to deliver it and show off my new hairstyle.