Thursday, September 30

30 Things To Do Before I'm 30

  • Enter a race
  • Be happy with my figure
  • Read a biography of Ghandi
  • Grow some vegetables
  • Take Dave to West Wales
  • Go to London on a gallery trip
  • Have a holiday in an exciting city
  • Bake some bread
  • Read all the unread books on my shelf
  • Paint a picture for my mother
  • Knit a scarf
  • Buy myself a piece of gorgeous jewellery
  • Learn to make 10 desserts
  • Buy a really warm winter coat
  • Watch the sunset on a beach
  • Visit our wedding wood
  • Climb a mountain
  • Do Race for Life in under 36 minutes
  • Read 10 books from the BBC Big Read Top 100
  • Walk/Cycle the Taff Trail
  • Go to a Friends of the Earth meeting
  • Volunteer for something
  • Adopt a donkey
  • Enter a writing competition
  • Have a good haircut
  • Take lots of photographs
  • Watch 10 cinema classics
  • Have a facial
  • Do a dance class
  • Save at least £2000 for a rainy day

Wednesday, September 29

Hmmm, must blog more often
But maybe I haven't got interesting to say. From now on, if nothing exciting's happening, I will just make things up instead. Since I've been away, here's what's happened to me*.

  • I went on holiday to Cornwall and met a giant called Bob
  • I have made the ultimate list: 30 things to do before I'm 30
  • I built a house out of ryvita for my cat
  • I am entering the Playtex Moonwalk - a women-only powerwalk marathon through the streets of London at midnight, in wonderbras!
  • The sunflowers in my garden tried to take over the world
  • I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which was v scary!
  • As of today, I am going vegan, after reading lots of stuff about scary dairy and feeling sick whenever I eat cheese

*Some facts may have been 'enhanced'

Friday, September 3

Yay! It's le weekend. Here's what I'm going to do.

Drink some nice wine
Potter in my garden
Bake a cake
Play with my cat
Watch a film
Buy a present for Dave
Read the Saturday Guardian in the park
Go for a swim, sauna and steam room
Go out for a lovely meal
Make a housewarming card for my friend
Sleep a lot. But not too much

Weee heee.

Wednesday, September 1

Eco Warrior
On Monday, I visited the Centre for Alternative Technology in Mid Wales.

It was great. It inspired me to grow lots of vegetables, sell my car and wee on my compost.

I'll keep you posted on all three!
More Random Acts of Kindness
I'm getting a bit obsessed with Join-Me. Soon, there's a book coming out, called 365 Ways to Make the World a Better Place.

I have done a few random acts lately, and they make you feel sooooooooo good. And they make someone else happy too. Go on, do one today.

And leave me a comment telling me what you've done. Then I'll be happy when I read about it too! Three times the fun!