Thursday, October 28

The perfect coat?
Does the perfect coat really exist? I have lots of coats - fluffy, furry, corduroy, denim, red, green, brown, blue - but none of them are the PERFECT coat.

This perfect coat that I am looking for should have all the following qualities:
  • Warm for windy winter walks to the train station.
  • Made of materiel that doesn't soak up water like a piece of kitchen roll.
  • Not be boring (ie not black). Bright colours (pink, red, orange) especially welcome.
  • Preferably have some kind of fluffy stuff on it.
  • Long enough to cover hips and thighs (cold bums and midriffs are not a good look).
  • Be fitted and flattering to the figure, preferably with a belt.
  • Not be uber-trendy. Too much tweed this season which will be v naff this time next year.
  • Be under £100. Under £50 would be better but I'm being realistic here.

Have you seen this coat? Please let me know if you have. I want to buy it.

Yesterday, I was so sick of looking for a coat and being cold while doing so, that I went into M&S and bought a cost that was:

  • Black
  • Bulky
  • No furry bits
  • Boring

I am off into town right now to take it back.

The search continues.

Wednesday, October 27

John Peel
I can't believe that John Peel has died. I feel genuinely sad about it.

I was just listening to Radio One and there was a soundbite of him talking about his life. He was saying how he had a job playing records that he likes, a house in the country with cats and dogs, a wonderful wife and family. He said: "I can't think of anything else I would want in life."

I shared a birthday with John Peel. Hopefully, I'll be as happy with my life one day.

I've got the lovely husband, now I just need the house by the sea, the babies, the donkey, the spaniel and the job making cakes all day.

Monday, October 25

Not meaning to sound like a fishwife from Eastenders, I've been thinking a lot about how important it is to spend lots of time with the faaayyymmleeeee. Sometimes, because they're your family, and not friends that you choose to spend time going out/drinking/dancing/laughing with, seeing them can seem like an obligation, a bit of a chore.

You think, 'Ooo, I haven't seen my aunty so-and-so for ages, better pencil in a visit I suppose'. Or you might be going to your parents house for a family bash, yet really wishing you were down the pub with your mates or cosying up at home with your cat instead.

But families are great. When else would you get to mix with people who are so different from you, live a different lifestyle and have opposite interests to you, are from a totally different generation than you, but that you still have a common link with?

I read recently that you should 'Spend more time than you think you can afford with the people that you love'. And it's true, because we take our families for granted so much. We think they'll always be there, so we don't need to work so hard at developing or maintaining the relationships.

But what if one day they weren't there? Would you wish that you'd visited your sister more often? Would you always regret not taking your Grandmother to see Blackpool tower? Would you spend years wondering what the cousin you played with when you were 9 is like today?

Go on, send your granny a big bunch of flowers today. Get the yellow pages now and order that bouquet. Treat your mum to that spa day you've been talking about for years. Visit mad Uncle Barry in the old people's home - even if he does go on about 'Heartbeat' a lot, you can take just one hour of your week to pop in and cheer him up.

Go on, do something nice for your family. They'll feel happy knowing you care, and you'll feel a warm fuzzy glow from knowing you've made someone's day.

Friday, October 22

I'm such a bad blogger
You see, the thing is, I have another secret blog (shhhhh!), and I've been concentrating on that one and not this one.

Anyhoo, last night I went to see some comedians. There were four of them, and they were all very funny, but it's a bit odd watching comedy for a long time (it was about 2.5 hours). You get a kind of comedy fatigue, where your face aches from smiling and laughing so much, and you start drifitng off and thinking about other stuff because you've just heard too many jokes.

Funny that.

Thursday, October 14


Monday, October 11

A poem about my weekend
I was supposed to go to aerobics,
But I went to the pub instead.
I woke up on Saturday morning
With a hammer banging in my head.

I went to Bath on the train,
Took my mother as a birthday treat.
We shopped and chatted and wandered and went
To a lovely veggie restaurant to eat.

In the evening, some friends came round,
And we ate and drank some wine.
I only had two glasses though,
So in the morning I felt fine.

Sunday AM, I had to clean
And hoover and wash for three hours.
Dave came home from work at two
And bought me some nice yellow flowers.

We went to town and watched a film,
Then went for a bowl of pasta.
The movie was about Peter Sellers,
You know, that old comedy actor.

Thursday, October 7

What is going on?
Is it just me or are there just too many bonkers people in the world? And I'm not talking bonkers in a 'crazy-hair-and-a-twitchy-eye' way either.

Wednesday, October 6

It's funny how conversations go. On the way to work this morning, the following topics were covered on the 30-minute journey:

  • X-rays
  • My cat
  • Childbirth
  • Dodgy massage parlours
  • Rain
  • Blueberries
  • Driving
  • Messy hair
  • Lisa Stansfield (?)
  • 90s indie clubs
  • People we've fancied
  • Being shy
  • Heavy metal

What an exciting world we live in.

Tuesday, October 5

Monday, October 4

Five days into my new vegan lifestyle, and I have eaten lots of healthy food and haven't felt deprived once. Here are all the lovely things I have mostly been munching:

  • Tofu, sweet potato and coconut curry
  • Bubble and squeak
  • Olive bread rolls with humous and avocado
  • Cranberry and date flapjack
  • A big veggie fry-up breakfast
  • Five-bean chilli
  • Banana and kiwi smoothie
  • Rigatoni with chard, red onion and cannelinni beans in a roasted pepper and garlic oil
  • Chocolate and banana cake

At this rate, I am going to be very fat indeed.