Thursday, January 20

Bad news for the January Blues
I thought I had it bad already, but according to some boffin bloke, it's going to get a lot worse.

Monday, January 17

Tick Tock
If like me, you're approaching 30 and childless, the hands on your biological clock are probably spinning round in a maniacal fashion, a bit like that child's head in The Exorcist.

Don't worry though, there's still hope.

Thursday, January 13

Wednesday, January 12

Clever Blogs
Some people's blogs are so clever. They talk about news and politics and postmodernism and all kinds of braininess.

Here's a list of my 9 favourite cakes (in no particular order).

1. Emma Cake - my own invention, a carrot/banana hybrid with dates in. They should sell it in shops.
2. Tit cakes - a good old Mr Kipling cherry bakewell.
3. Carrot cake - always a winner, and practically a health food too.
4. Banana bread - nice with an afternoon cup of tea.
5. Cheesecake - a winning combination of cake and cheese.
6. Lemon tart - a nice tart is great when you can't quite fit in something really cakey.
7. Mmmmmmm.... Muffins - Lemon and poppyseed!
8. Scones - preferably in the form of a nice cream tea.
9. Brownies - ooo, I could just eat one right now. Had an amazing cranberry and pistachio one the other day.

I was going to do a top 10, but I didn't want to put an inferior cake in there and ruin the list.

Why not tell me what your favourite cake is too? Or why not make my blog into a clever one by entering into a cake debate with me. First topic - "Cream horns: retro classics or wartime has-beens?"

Tuesday, January 11

The 12 cakes of 2005
As an anniversary present for Dave, I have promised to make him a brand-new cake every month.

January's cake is chocolate cheesecake. I can feel the cellulite forming as I type.

Monday, January 10

It's been a while...
Ooo, I am rubbish, but I will be rubbish no more. 2005 will be the year of blogging.

Christmas was in Harrogate. Woke up to snow - a proper white Christmas - ah! Interesting being a vicar's daughter-in-law. Mad people for lunch, including Fucking William (big, ginger, shouty, swears a lot, likes booze), Anorexic Pam (ate a sandwich for Christmas lunch). Smelly Ron couldn't make it due to commitments at his brother's house in Wetherby - shame, we'd got the scented candles in especially.

Got lots of cool presents including a donkey from Bex!

Early January
Ooo, my favourite time of year as it involves lists! Lots of lists about how I can be thinner/prettier/more interesting/nicer to my family, blah, blah, blah...

A week into January
The depression has set in. I have no money, I am fat after Christmas, it is cold and dark and I have nothing to look forward to. I hate January. Bah!