Tuesday, May 31

Black Sunday

Something terrible happened to me on the weekend.

Probably one of the worst things that I could ever encounter.

I was driving through a country lane. The sun was shining, there were good tunes on the radio and then it happened.

I ran over a bunny.

Just like that – it was dead. One minute it was happily hopping around in a field, the next a big evil polluting car came along and crushed it to death.

I shook. I cried. I had to pull over. I said “I killed a bunny” lots.

It was awful.

Friday, May 27

Things I like about summer:
The sun
The flowers
The cherries
The happiness
The outdoors
The salads
The barbeques
The sandals
The floaty skirts
The picnics
The freckles

Things I don't like about summer:
The hay fever
The half-naked chavs
The lack of mashed potato and fluffy coats

Wednesday, May 25

Things I've always wanted to dress up as

1. Bumble bee
2. Fat pumpkin
3. Giant sunflower

The only thing I have actually dressed up as in my adult life is "The devil's child". Couldn't decide whether to go to a Halloween party as a devil or a baby, so painted myself red, made a nappy out of a bed sheet, got a pair of horns and a baby bonnet and went as a combination of both.