Thursday, June 16

Perves on Public Transport
Last night I was perved on on the bus home. A drunk man came and sat behind me and started whispering things in my ear. Euw! I don't know what he was saying, but it involved the word 'Tremorfa', which is a really rough council estate in Cardiff. He really knew how to get a girl going!

This is my third 'perve on public transport' encounter. There was the old man on the Train to Treforest last summer and - worst of all - there was the masturbating brummie on the Chicago to New York sleeper train.

Wednesday, June 15

Dangerous addiction
Don't get started with this kids, It's already taking over my evenings and stopping me reading books and talking to my husband.

Look what can happen to you once you get hooked. There are even Sudoku support groups!

Tuesday, June 14

Oooo, hello! Posted by Hello
Never Google your ailments
I have a white spot on my toenail. I Googled it, now I'm convinced this is going to happen.

Wednesday, June 8

Funny lorries
On the way to work this morning, I saw a lorry from a company called Noblet and a van from Munters. Tee hee.

Monday, June 6

My cakes! For Laura and Steve's wedding. Hope you have a very cakey life together! Posted by Hello
New word
I've invented a new word: Mumpet.

It was invented when I had one English muffin and one crumpet left in the breadbin, so Dave and I split shared them and had 'mumpets' for breakfast.

However, it has now come into daily use, as a word that just means something that is a little bit meepy.

Mumpet n. 1. Someone who is lovely and a bit of a poppet: "The man who delivers the organic veg is such a mumpet." 2. A name you can call your cat/husband/anyone else that you love "Hello mumpet!" 3. Something that is generally fab "Mmm, this carrot cake is just so mumpet."

You can also use it to describe things that aren't a lot of fun. "Sitting in this traffic jam is so not mumpet."

Go on, use mumpet in a sentence today.

Thursday, June 2

Oh. My. God. I'm leaving Wales right now.

I'm crap at taking photos. I always remember to take the camera, but forget to actually use it. However, while on honeymoon in Morrocco, this rather interesting arrangement of cacti inspired me to get snap-happy. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 1

Pinch, punch...

It's the first of the month. I like the first day of the month, it's an opportunity to start afresh, a bit like like having 12 New Year's Days.

But then again, I feel like that every Monday, when I'm full of good intentions and new beginnings. I'll be sitting on the train making lists about how I'm going to spend the week eating healthily, doing loads of exercise, working really hard, spending quality time with the cat, reading lots of newspapers and clever books, saving the planet and just generally being an efficient, healthy, intelligent, happy, friendly, eco warrior.

By Thursday, I'm usually eating cakes, reading Heat magazine, surfing the net for half the day at work and getting picked up from the train station in the car.

But enough of this endless list making and under-achieving! June is the month where I am going to:

*Walk absolutely everywhere
*Make healthy choices with food
*Not go to an evil supermarket
*Play 'mouse-on-a-string' with Zebedee for five minutes every day

As for work... well, a bit of internet browsing keeps one sane, I find. And I will be so well-versed in world affairs, ticking the 'improve brain' box too.