Friday, July 29

The Friday List
Famous people I have seen this year.

Sadly, not a sniff of Charlotte Church, although everyone else in Cardiff seems to see her on a weekly basis. Clearly I am not hanging out in enough blinging R&B clubs.

Wednesday, July 27

The Belated Friday List (on Wednesday)
Presents I would like for my 30th birthday:

There you go - I'm very easily pleased.

Tuesday, July 26

Funny-looking food
I've always secretly dreamt that one day I'll open a bag of carrots and one of them will be in the shape of a camel.

Here are lots of people who've been lucky enough to find food with faces.

I think my favourite is the distressed-looking lettuce. It makes me want to cry.

Wednesday, July 20

Why, oh why, do I spend my days being underpaid and overworked (well, sometimes), writing for people who wouldn't know good writing if the words wrapped themselves around their necks until they turned blue? Why do I put up with arrogant people, rude people and the downright bonkers, when I could be like the Text Wizard?

I've got the experience, I've got a laptop, I've got Mr Meep to design me a whizzy website. Blimey - what am I waiting for?

Emma Shepherd, AKA The Word Fairy - self employment may not be so far away. Anyone want anything written?

Friday, July 15

The Friday List
Every Friday from now on, I'm going to do a list about something. I like a nice list, you know.

This week: CDs I have been listening to recently
  • The Go Team - music to bounce on bouncy castles to
  • Coldplay's first album - yes, I know they've gone a bit U2 of late, but that album's beautiful
  • The Magic Numbers - great for summer, listen to it while drinking pink wine
  • Belle and Sebastian - because I like to change the words to "I've Wombled around, I've Wombled all night without yoooooouuuuu"
  • Antony and the Johnsons - surely a black woman? But no, a very camp white man. Haunting

That makes me sound vaguely cool, but it's all down to Mr Meep really. Hurrah for nerdy musical husbands.

Tuesday, July 12

With all the bombings and nastiness going on last week, I was trying to think of the loveliest thing that could happen to someone...

You come in from a long day at work, feeling a bit tired, in need of a cwtch and a cup of tea. You open your front door to be greeted by a donkey with an '80s haircut. You sit on his back and he carries you into the lounge, dropping you off in your favourite chair and keeping you company while he has a bit of a bray and munches his tea-time carrot.

Two angora bunnies hop over to you and invite you to rest one foot on each of their backs, so you can bury your toes into their fluffiness. Some guinea pigs scurry up and sit on your lap, making a lovely bubbly squeaky noise. A gang of kittens start climbing up the curtains to make you laugh.

You were just thinking about a nice cuppa, when in waddles a grumpy old tortoise, with a lovely cup of green tea balanced on his shell. It's taken him a while to get from the kitchen, so it's cooled down to just the perfect temperature to drink.

After all this furriness, you're feeling a bit tired. An energetic ostrich bounds over to your chair and rushes you upstairs to your bed, where 100 fat chinchillas will be waiting to snuzzle up all around you while you snooze.

Wednesday, July 6

The best website ever
Bunnies with things on their heads.

I went to see Batman Begins last night. It was fab, but it didn't have any bunnies with things on their heads, which is a shame.

Tuesday, July 5

We are adopting a kitten - not yet, as we're away for a quite a few weekends over the few weeks, but probably in early September.

Here are the names that I want to call her (it has to be a girl to avoid feline rivalry from Zebedee):
Mrs Meowington
Little Miss Mao
Baroness Whiskers

Ooo, it's so exciting. I want two bunnies next, then a basset hound or a spaniel. And when we move - a donkey!

Monday, July 4

Things that have happened to me in the last fortnight
  • I have been on holiday to Ireland in a lovely campervan. We stayed on remote beaches, ate lots, went for walks, did some sketching, listened to music - it was bliss.

  • I made Dave a birthday cake with a dalek on it - quite an achievement!

  • After a lifetime of being fairly healthy, I have been diagnosed with the hideous Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, so I can look forward to becoming increasingly hairy, overweight, spotty and infertile. Great.

And so, with a holiday, a 'condition' and a 30th birthday looming, there's been a lot of thinking going on and a lot of lists being made. Watch this space.