Monday, January 2

31 things to do in my 31st year
As a lover of lists, new year is my favourite time, as there are so many lists to be made. It's all about self-improvement - getting thinner, drinking less, exercising more, sorting out your finances, saving the planet, redecorating your house...

This year, I couldn't really think of any 'resolutions' - I'm quite a contented little bunny really, so instead of dwelling on giving up things, I've written a list of things that I'd like to achieve in 2006 - my 31st year on the planet.

1. Climb Pen-y-Fan
2. Make cakes for friends birthdays, weddings and christenings to get lots of practice in
3. Teach Blodwen to: lie down, drop, stay
4. Learn to make tiramasu
5. Go to the Lake District
6. Grow the following in my garden: mint, basil, leeks, garlic, chillis, tomatoes
7. Have winter colour in the garden
8. Knit a scarf
9. Do some freelance writing
10. Make a driving compilation tape I can sing along to
11. Visit Totnes, my spirtiual home
12. Volunteer for something
13. Read A Suitable Boy
14. Paint a picture
15. Sell something on E-Bay
16. Get up and running
17. Have a weekend in Brighton and eat at the yummiest restaurant ever
18. Save £3500 for a rainy day
19. Read a biography of someone inspiring
20. Quit my job
21. Finish Year 1 of my Welsh course
22. Make a collage/painting for my niece's bedroom
23. Go to a rugby match at the Millennium Stadium
24. Finish all the annoying DIY jobs in my house
25. Start jogging around the park with Blodwen
26. Write a children's story
27. Go to the ballet
28. Watch one foreign film every month
29. Attract wildlife to my garden
30. Stop watching TV altogether
31. Learn the names of trees

Mood: Optimistic
Food: Macaroni cheese
Tunes: REM


  1. We can help you with number 5! If you'd like somewhere free to stay, you'd be very welcome at our place - as long as Blod doesn't mind being fussed over by our 4 dogs :-)

  2. How lovely! I think Blod (and we) would like that very much. Hurrah!

  3. Hey, I am 31 too! And I don't have a TV, so I am one step ahead of you, he he he!