Thursday, September 28

A Veggie's favourite veggies

You might be wondering what my favourite vegetables are.

Well, wonder no more.

Here is a top 10, in no particular order.

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Butternut squash
  • Tomatoes (Ok, technically a fruit, but you wouldn't eat it like an apple, would you?)
  • Avocado (Is that a fruit too? I love it mashed on toast with marmite)
  • Broccoli (Blod was going to be called broccoli if she was a boy-puppy)
  • Corn on the cob (but never from a can - bleurgh)
  • Onions (not that interesting on their own but couldn't cook without them)
  • Potatoes (so waffley versatile)
  • The humble pea

    So now you know.
  • Sunday, September 24

    I'm back

    And look what I've grown in my garden....


    Yes, it is the world's largest pumpkin. Posted by Picasa

    Monday, September 11

    Blogging for the Lazy

    Can't think of anything to write? Share some fab films and music that you've discovered over the past two weeks and hope other people will love them too.

    Little Miss Sunshine
    The Station Agent
    The Royal Tenenbaums

    Richard Hawley
    Isobel Campbell
    Cerys Matthews

    Oh, and post a picture you took yesterday of the Wales Millennium Centre as a tenuous arts/culture link.

    Sunday, September 10

    Sunday Scribblings: I would never write...

    I've never been into poetry. Haven't managed to get my head around reading it and never tried to write it either. And, although half of the books in our house are of the sci-fi/fantasy genre (yes, I am married to a dweeb), I have never entered the realms of orcs and futuristic lands.

    So, for this week's Sunday Scribblings, I thought I would attempt to write:

    A Poem About a Robot-type Person
    He came from the planet Twonkatron,
    The man with the seven eyes.
    His arms were made of spiders,
    His head from custard pies.

    He landed on earth in 2006
    To save us from our problems,
    Like climate change and overweight kids,
    Binge drinking and McDonalds.

    But when he saw the state of things,
    The robot couldn't hack it.
    He got back on his pink spaceship,
    And whizzed back to his planet.

    Wednesday, September 6

    The Life of a Freelancer

    Hello. It's Wednesday and I have just... finished my week's official work.

    It feels strange. Can't really get my head around three-day working. Although, of course, tomorrow if first official day of freelancing, so must not spend the day:

  • Talking the dog on a really long walk
  • Having a swim and steam room
  • Reading my book
  • Making cakes
  • Finishing off the scarf I'm knitting
  • Going to the library
  • Blogging
  • Picking blackberries
  • Messing about with my new camera

    Oh no, I won't be doing any of those things at all.

    And after I haven't done all those things, I am going to a 'Creative Industry Speed Networking' event, which apparently is a bit like speed dating, but for creative-types in business.

    I'm a bit scared. The venue has Hoegarden on tap. I should be OK.
  • Friday, September 1

    I am not evil


    There is a rumour going around among two of my close friends that I am, in fact, evil. This photo is for you two, to prove that I am not.

    Mr Traitor, thank you for the lovely meal and the fab gifts.
    Mrs Traitor, thank you for your lovely meal and the fab gifts. Posted by Picasa