Thursday, January 25

Seven for 2007

I can not believe, as a list-obsessed wierdo, that I didn't get round to making any New Year Resolutions this year. Well, it's still January, so I've been thinking about them today.

1. Get our household expenses down to £200 per month - that's to feed us both, plus the pets, and pay for toiletries, cleaning-type stuff and alcohol. That might sound like a lot, but some months last year, it spiralled to over £400 (insert very shocked smiley here). And guess what? I've already done it for January - and that includes cooking two three-course meals for a total of 10 people this weekend - hurrah!

2. Grow the following in my garden: sunflowers, various salad leaves, tomatoes, leeks, basil, coriander, courgettes.

3. Do all the things that I didn't do from last year's list, which are:
  • Climb Pen-y-Fan
  • Go to the Lake District
  • Visit Totnes, my spirtiual home
  • Paint a picture
  • Make a collage/painting for my niece's bedroom
  • Go to a rugby match at the Millennium Stadium
  • Learn the names of trees
  • Read Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy - which has now been on my shelf for, ooo, five years.

    Hmmm, maybe 31 things was a bit optimistic.

    4. Get into yoga. When I've been in the past, I've enjoyed it - but I've always felt that I should probably have spent the hour jumping about in Cardio Kickbox or Aeropump Frenzy or something instead. Nowadays, with my relaxed freelance, frugal lifestyle, I will hopefully be more zen about it all. Oh, and it might help with that whole giving birth/lemon-melon thing.

    5. Grow out my highlights. (Gulp.) I have been blonde for about 12 years, but it is so, so bad for my wallet and for Mother Earth. Out with the highlights, in with the henna. Just hope I don't end up looking like an ageing goth and wearing lots of plum-coloured crushed velvet too.

    6. Do some work experience in a school to see if teaching is for me.

    7. Take lots of beautiful photos (my camera is fixed - yay!).

    And obviously, get thinner/greener/fitter/richer etc. Oh, and have a baby.

    As I am writing this, I have some banana muffins baking in the oven and some vanilla oil in my oil burner - mmmmmmmmmmmm. However, beside me is the dog, who is making the smells from hell from her curly bottom. It's an interesting combo of aromas.

    1. How on earth do you keep expenses for two down to £200 a month? I refuse now to admit how much my wife and I fork out.

    2. Don't forget, we can help you out with point 3 if you want. : )

    3. Yay! I gave up the hair dye thing a couple of years ago and haven't regretted it.

      Curly bottom...................shout of laughter!