Monday, February 26


I'm such a boring pregnant woman - I don't have any tales of comedy bum grapes or insane dreams about giving birth to a fully-grown zebra.

Humungous weight gain - nope
Cravings - nada
Backache - none
Mood swings - not a sausage
Swollen ankles - nah
One of those dark lines down the belly - no
Bonkers dreams - not even baby zebra in sight

I feel healthy and happy and calm and just, well, normal.

(But oh, could I tell you about constipation. But no-one wants to hear about that particular symptom. Let's just say two huge glasses of the devil's brew that is prune juice as an emergency measure is so not a good idea.)

Does this mean I'm in for a horrendous birth to make up for the comfortable time I'm having so far?


Wednesday, February 21

I do not need any more china

My cupboards are full to bursting with cute little cake plates, chunky oriental bowls from The Pier and hand-painted wine glasses that I'm too scared to use.

I could probably have 2o people round for lunch and have a full set of crockery for them all.

But look at these!

Surely, there's always room for a few more cute little bits?

Monday, February 19

The Saddest News

I'm going to Cornwall in a few weeks, so I've been looking at places to get a good cream tea.

During my surfing, I've just come across this.

It's made me cry.

RIP Chalky.

Please stand very close to me (even do a bit of frottaging if you want)

I've always had a bit of thing about Sting. Well, ever since he went all tree-hugging and yoga-loving anyway. But ever since this story was in the news, my little crush has been re-ignited.

Reasons why I shouldn't fancy Sting
  • He's old. About 60 probably. The same age as my dad. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
  • He is blonde - I only like dark men.
  • His music is... well, a bit crap.
Reasons why I fancy Sting
  • He is a proper Womble and lover of trees and Mother Earth in general.
  • He loves yoga and is all bendy and zen.
  • He has six children, so he'd probably be dying to make even more beautiful babies so I would be allowed to stay at home baking cakes and cuddling bambinos all day.
  • Would you just look at him!
Oooo, I've come over all peculiar. Think I need to lie down.

(PS Sorry, Mr Meep - you are much nicer than Sting really. Mwah!)

Sunday, February 11

I've got a new addiction...


Had a major de-cluttering session yesterday, and sorted tons of stuff for E-Baying, car booting and storing in the attic. I had a few bits that I didn't know what to do with, so I thought I'd try them on Freecycle.

Wow, what an amazing response. My inbox is packed with requests to rehome my old junk and, best of all, people give you a little story about why they want the items.

Puppy training crate has gone to someone who finds foster homes for abandoned dogs. Turns out after a few e-mails that she's the lady that runs the puppy classes that I used to take Blod to. Small world.

My car bike rack was requested by a bloke whose girlfriend is sick of his mountain bike making the car filthy, a district murse who wanted to use it for getting from house-to-house and a lady with two little boys who are desperate to get out the city on the bikes they got for Christmas. Tough call. I had to go with the mum as she asked first. (Although I quite fancied the murse popping round for a cuppa, in case I had any childbirth-related emergencies in the coming months).

So in one day, I got to get rid of all my unwanted stuff and hear little snippets of people's lives. I feel good to give something to a good home, they got something for free and we're all one big happy community. Hurrah for Wombling!

Friday, February 9

The best thing about being pregnant....

... dungarees!

A friend gave me these and I've been dying to get a bump big enough to fit into them.

Only 15 weeks to go until Mini Meep arrives.


Sunday, February 4

Create-a-thing-a-day month continues

On Saturday, I took lots of photographs at the beach - here's my favourite. Blod is looking like a lioness emerging from the undergrowth.


Today, I was chopping onions as the sunshine streamed through the window. Have you ever noticed how beautiful onions are? Look!

Today's creativity was making blueberry pancakes for breakfast, then inventing a pumpkin, spinach and red onion pie for lunch. Mmmmmmmm. Better go for a walk to burn off a few calories, I think.

Thursday, February 1

Create-a-thing-a-day month

February - it's a bit crap innit? Cold, still dark, not quite Springy enough, the disappointment of not sticking to the NY resolutions is kicking in...

Well, these lovely people have come up with this fab idea. Every day in February, you do something creative - you can bake, knit, build, sketch, make... as long as you create something.

I'm going to try and complete this 28 days of creativity. For Day One, I have baked a new cake - banana, pistachio and chocolate loaf cake. And very yummy it was too.