Tuesday, November 13

100 things that make me happy

lemon tart - making soup - Armistead Maupin books - my gorgeous girl - The Green Parent - going to the beach - Rioja - wearing woolly hats in winter - swimming - being outside - sunflowers - cwtches - cosying up under the duvet with a book - weekend newspapers - really nice coffee - carrot cake - crisp winter days - long summer evenings - Mr Meep - Amelie - writing lists - reading inspirational blogs - taking photos - being barefoot - bubble baths - home-made bread - pizza - growing tomatoes - hugging my dog - my cat purring - family - talking to strangers - dogs running - houmous - wearing red - painted toenails - Ugly Betty - my nan's chips - chunky rings - donkeys - green tea - sushi - boots and patterned tights - Ray La Montagne - candles - the smell of vanilla - tea from a teapot in a proper cup and saucer - Damien Rice - shopping in independent shops - my friends - stripy socks - rom coms - getting post - grandads with their granddaughters - Nut Body Butter - breastfeeding - Neale's Yard Remedies - a line of clean washing - visiting Brighton - cottage holidays - trees - Belgian beers - fairy lights - real ales - Kettle Chips - baby wearing - pretty notebooks - custard slices - the sky - looking at art - indie coffee shops - water - Howies clothes - Waitress - gerberas - Cranks cookery books - marmite - house bunnies - pyjamas - singer songwriters - West Wales - Green and Blacks - food photography - making banana pancakes - Fion Reagan - composting - going to the cinema - learning - Love Actually - nice underwear - birth stories - seeing people surfing - how a red onion looks when you cut it in half - Colliers cheddar - little girls in stripy tights - people with passions - fresh air - letting warm sand run through my fingers - Jonathan Ross on Radio 2 - Earl Grey

Tuesday, November 6

10 things I'm loving about autumn

  • Taking photos of the amazing colours
  • Making a new soup every week (today was Tomato and Tarragon)
  • Watching Blod rolling around in piles of leaves
  • Mam's blackberry and apple crumble with thick, sweet, creamy custard
  • Putting funny hats on Gwen
  • Cosying up with candles, dressing gowns and books at 7pm
  • Green and Blacks hot chocolate
  • My Cwtch jacket from Howies (that's really what it's called)
  • Summer dog ban lifted on my favourite beaches
  • Cwtching up with Mr Meep and a glass of Rioja (white wine is so over come November)

    Ah, it's all about the food, the outdoors, the cute and the cosy.
  • Saturday, November 3

    With the lights out...

    Last night, some friends were coming over for dinner. Mr Meep had made the pizza dough, I'd chopped the toppings, and there was a lemon tart baking in the oven - and all with an hour to spare.

    At 6.30 though, the lights flickered. Then they flickered again, then they totally faded to nothing. The power was out on the whole street. The electricity people said there'd be no power until at least 9.30.

    So with no oven to cook pizzas in, no pudding, no light and no music, we cancelled dinner. Luckily we have a squillion tea lights and candles leftover from our wedding, so I set to work filling the house with little dancing flames. With Mr Meep, a glass of vino and a chinese takeaway, it was one of the cosiest evenings ever.

    When we move to the country shack in a few weeks' time, no cooker or lights may be a daily occurrence for a few weeks, possibly even months. Cripes.