Thursday, January 24

Gone Fishing...

Oh, I wish...

I have two new freelance clients and a big project for an existing client. We're moving into our new home/building site on Monday, then moving back out again for a month while damp-proofing/rewiring and other such things happen. Oh, and I have an 8-month old baby that requires lots of entertaining and a very energetic dog.

Hang on, what am I doing on here?

Back when my head's together and my house is de-damped.

Monday, January 14

10 Things to Chase Away the January Blues

Brrr and Bah. That just about sums up the general January mood. It's cold, it's dark, it's rainy, it's grey. I don't have the funds to jet off somewhere warm and fabulous, so I'm muddling my way through it by embracing the cosy.

  • Hearty puddings and stodgy cake - January is so not the time for all this seeds, salads and self-denial detox nonsense
  • Long, hot, bubbly baths with your Christmas smellies
  • Watching the waves on wild windy days
  • Curling up under a blanket on the sofa and watching Rom Coms (pets optional, but an added furry pleasure)
  • As much mashed potato as you can handle - pesto mash, mustard mash, horseradish mash, cheesey mash...
  • Hot water bottles to keep your toes toasty
  • Porridge for breakfast every single day
  • Locking the doors, closing the curtains and putting your PJs on - at 5pm
  • Wearing waterproofs and walking somewhere beautiful in the rain
  • Heading for bed at 10pm, with a laptop and a mug of hot chocolate. Just like I am doing right now. Ah.
  • Sunday, January 13

    2008 is the Year of Craft

    For the last few years, I've been really into craft. Well, I've been into admiring other people's craft on their blogs and saying 'That's nice, I could make one of those' whenever I see something overpriced but gorgeous in the shops. But this year, I'm going to stop talking and start crafting.

    So tonight I did my first project - this knitted flower broach. I'm going to stick it on the boring old bag that I lug Gwen's nappies and emergency poo situation spare clothing in.

    OK, so I won't be appearing on Whip Up any time soon. but it's a start. And as we're moving into our wreck of a new house in a few weeks' time, there's so much scope to fill it with crafty goodies like curtains and, um, sausage dog draft excluders. Mr Meep will be delighted.

    Thursday, January 10

    7 months

    Dear Snail,

    You are turning into a proper little person these days. You laugh a lot - at the cat, at the dog, when we throw you in the air, when someone blows their nose... You've started to make a really funny face recently, sticking your bottom jaw out like Mutley. Just like your Dad, sometimes you shut everything out and go off into a little trance. I wonder what you are thinking about.

    You have two teeth. Two sharp little nashers at the bottom. Unfortunately, teething came at the same time as the family Christmas cold that we all had, so the festive season wasn't a great time for sleeping.

    You're getting to grips with the weaning these days, devouring chunks of roasted sweet potato, parsnip and lots and lots of toast. However, some of your naughty relatives sneaked you some of their puddings at Christmas - I thought I was a fan of all things dessert-related, but I don't think I have ever got that excited about a lemon tart. I mean, I love it, but I don't kick my legs with anticipation at the next mouthful. (I want to, of course, I just have to stop myself.)

    This week, we've been on holiday with your Grandma and Grandpa Shepherd and you've been swimming for the first time. You seemed a bit scared when you first caught sight of us all half-naked with wet hair plastered to our heads. In fact, you did your special high-pitched hurty/scared scream that you only reserve for really traumatic occasions, like hitting yourself on the head with a serving spoon. But after the intial shock, you bobbed and splashed around, grinning at everyone and giggling when I threw you in the air.

    Everyone that meets you thinks you are fab, even my most baby-shy friends, and your dad and I fall in love with you a little bit more every day.