Thursday, March 27

What I have been up to over the break, by Emma, aged 32 and a half

It's been an eventful couple of months. Here's a review in the form of a numerical list.

10 – number of months old that the snail was yesterday. How did that happen?
9 – approximate number of years it will take before we complete this house renovation.
8 – number of weeks spent living in a two-bedroom bungaloid with my parents, my husband, my daughter and my dog. Cosy.
7 – number of people in my immediate family that caught a horrible tummy bug from Gwen.
6 – number of days we were trapped in aforementioned bungaloid when our car broke down.
5 – number of hundreds of pounds spent on fixing the bloody car.
4 – number of neighbours passing the house that my dad has invited in to have a look at how we getting on with the renovation.
3 – number of rooms in the new house that do not still resemble a) an old people's home or b) a building site.
2 – number of days I have been back at work after 11 months off (and, shh, don't tell the mummy police, but actually really quite enjoying it).
1 – number of cats returned to the fold after an RSPCA-reportable seven whole weeks in cat prison.

But hey-ho, the Meeps are all back together. We have a stripy rug, a real fire and oven to make cakes in. The essentials are covered.