Sunday, April 27

Just a Perfect Day...

Took Gwen to one of my favourite places, Mumbles (and not just because it has such a fab name). She seemed to like it too.

Stumbled upon a wood that was carpeted with wild garlic.

Climbed up a big hill...

Then found this place at the bottom of it.

Had a traditional seaside luncheon (Martin Parr would be proud).

Drove home the scenic route. Not only did we get this view, but just to the left was a man in a little van selling coffee and home-made Welsh cakes.

And now to bed with a chick lit and a mug of sleepytime tea.

Wednesday, April 23

Country Life

So we've been living here for a month now, so a little update to remind myself of how bad it was, so when I'm having a day of despair, I see how far we've come.

Gwen's room before...

And Gwen's room after...

Our bedroom...

And the view from our landing window.


Tuesday, April 22

Blog, I miss you

I miss blogging, I really do. I never believed people when they say they don't have time to do things, but I can honestly say it's true. Anyway, here I am, grabbing a few quiet moments, making some time.

Lovely things that are making me happy amid the chaos of my mother-charity worker-freelancer-cook-house renovator extraordinaire life.

Photographs of beautiful baby bumps (I so want to get myself another one of those quite soon)
Lovely, gorgeous, shabby chic homes
Starting my photography course again
The Juno soundtrack (and the film, which is just lovely)
Going to see the shiny happy Mike Leigh film tomorrow night
Posh cider with posh crisps
Cherry red toenails
Lambs gamboling in the fields surrounding my new country abode
Blod, the neglected pet, having a lovely swim

Tuesday, April 8

Beep beep!

Mr Meep and I have acquired a new motor vehicle. This lovely, older than we are, Morris Minor belonged to the Meep-in-laws, but it's on loan to us indefinitely.

Here is a poem about my new set of wheels.

Lovely red seats and a tartan rug
When I'm driving you I feel quite smug
And happy that you are my car
Though I'm scared to drive you very far

You slip out of gear when we're driving down hills
Your heater's not great so you give me the chills
You've turned me into a Today programme whore
Cos your antique stereo only picks up Radio Four

My favourite thing is tooting the horn
On the way to work down country lanes at dawn
I honk at cows and I parp at sheep
I even give bunnies a jaunty little beep

Yesterday morning didn't quite go as planned
When the knob for the fresh air fell off in my hand
But I love you little Morris, you're such great fun to drive
Even though your top speed is only 55

Friday, April 4

10 months

Dear Snail,

Time is at a premium with looking after you, going to work, renovating a house, running a little business and generally trying to be a superwoman (and failing quite spectacularly). So for ten months, a little list.

10 reasons why you're fab at 10 months

1. You can wave when someone says "Hello"...
2. ... and when someone says "Goodbye".
3. You are trying really hard to say your first words - we've had a "Ba-ba" for "Bye Bye" and endless babbling but mostly we get something that sounds a bit like "Barry". Who's Barry anyway?
4. You can eat spaghetti with your fingers.
5. You can rub scrambled egg into your eyebrows, up your nose, in your ear and all over the back of your head - and still look cute.
6. You have inherited my love of cake and can spot it at 100 paces, accompanied by much panting and arm waving.
7. You start dancing when you hear music.
8. You're still not into crawling, but as we are living in a building site, this is a very good thing.
9. When I put you into your cot at night, you wriggle up to the top and bury yourself in teddies.
10. You sleep all night, (almost) every single night until 7am - finally. Thank you.