Friday, October 24

Why toddlers and birthday cakes don't mix

And talking of my snail, she has learnt some words over the last couple of weeks. She knows Mama, Daddy, Grandpa, dog, no, more, car and, most importantly... cake! I'm so proud.

Tuesday, October 7

Meep Towers: An update

This, I kid you not, is our kitchen. Hmmm. By some miracle, I'm still managing to rustle up the odd home-baked loaf or a banana bread, so all is not lost. And hopefully by the end of Octber, this hovel will be a beautiful, retro, pastel coloured, family meeting place, with smells of gorgeous bakey cakeyness wafting from the oven.

But on a less filthy hovel-like note, here is the lounge before and after...



And although we don't have a kitchen, we do have... colour-coded book shelves. What more could you need?