Monday, January 12

All the Words Gwen Knows

Mama. Dadda. Nana. Pappa. Bod (Blod). Lee-lee (Lily - her friend). Cat. Dog. Duck. Frog. Tea. Cheese. Ca-ca (cake). Juice (drink). Pie. Bit-kit (Biscuit). Butter (Bread!). Plate. Bag. Hat. Shoes. Trou-trou (Trousers). Humper-humper (Jumper). Coat. Head. Hair. Play. Park. Oh dear. Doll-doll. Baby. Teddy. Park. Car. Tree. Bike. Choo-choo (Train). Feet. Hands. Go-go-go (while screaming excitedly and running around the house). Bye-bye. Bruce (dog next door). Book. No! (Her favourite). Nakey (for 'naked' - my favourite, especially when she's running around nakey, shouting nakey). Chair. Beads. Apple. Bee. Butterfly. House. Door. Digger. Fish. Me. Pakka (Makka Pakka - I blame my Dad). Milk. Sore. Bum. Poo. Mo (More). Bath. Hide. Sit. Down. Sit Down. Bird. Hup (Up). Phone. Hot. Hello. Hi. Cwtch. Hug. Fork. Spoon. Mana Mana. Apple. Tickle. Please. Good girl. Boy. Boo! Tights.

Oh, and Bugger.

What a clever sausage.


  1. bonnie10:11 am

    Gwen is a beautiful sausage too. x

  2. She is very adorable! I liked your photos for your project-especially the one of the red car.