Saturday, January 17

Hoping for Blue Skies

I've been really busy getting my final project together for my photography course. I've got to hand it all in on Tuesday and I'm really nervous. I really want to pass.

Would you like to have a look at my work?

Please keep everything crossed for me.


  1. Cool. Nice and colourful! I'm starting a photography course next week, just got a new DSLR to do it properly. Confusing array of buttons so far, but so far most happy with this set -

  2. I really like that collection of photos. So colourful! And a great idea too, to see the beauty in the dull.

  3. Gosh ... they're really lovely ... well done! Lisa

  4. Lovely photos but surely you mean materialism and not consumerism?....

    p.s. your dad is a genius!