Friday, January 9

A review of the festive season (in numbers)

0 - number of sprouts eaten (result).
1 - number of nephews born. Welcome to the world little squishy Ralph.
6 - number of Christmas dinners consumed (but not, obv, all on Christmas day).
7 - number of babies it looks as if I have in my belly (actually, probably more to do with the number of M&S mini stollen bites eaten - number can not be disclosed).
18 - number of days did not have to get up at 6.30am to go to work.
27 - number of years supply of Green and Blacks recieved as gifts. Yum.
487,987,987,000 - number of times Gwen asked to watch Mana Mana on You Tube.

Happy New Year.

New Year's Resolution: blog more.
And take more photos.
Oh, and eat more fruit.

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