Wednesday, February 18


I've had a bad day.

I got a B for my photography project, after putting my heart and soul and lots and lots of time into it.

I have hormone-related spots all over my nose.

And, for the first time in my entire life, I have had to throw something I have cooked straight into the bin. It was a Nigella chocolate cake that I hadn't made before. I was rushing, forgot a vital ingredient and the whole thing went tits up.

I hate all my clothes, my house is dirty and messy all the time, I feel useless and ugly and just bleurghhhh.

Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself.

Here's a list of my favourite celebrity mumpets to lighten the mood.

Will Young - because he's smiley and happy and officially the nicest man in pop
KT Tunstall - because she is smiley and happy and a proper eco-warrier too
Mark Owen - because he's smiley and happy and has a cocker spaniel
Rolf Harris - because he's the beardy uber-mumpet

I wish we could all get together, share a pot of tea and some carrot cake, and have a big cwtch under a particularly soft blanket.

Monday, February 16

Nuff Said

I bought this print to put up in the kitchen as a sort of 'family motto'. I stare at it when I'm eating my porridge and it gives me a warm fuzzy focus for the day.*

*Apart from the days when I swear at other drivers and spend half the working day ambling about on Money Saving Expert or The Green Parent.

Thursday, February 5

More than halfway...

21 weeks today. Can't believe Mini Mini Meep is going to arrive in four months time - that makes me feel very scared, especially as we are still living in a building site.

Some facts about this pregnancy:

  • Mini Mini Meep is another little girl. Really chuffed as a) don't have any boys names b) can't face adding to the mountain of baby clothes that are all over the house and c) don't know what to do with a little willy
  • I have only put on 4 lbs so far - hurrah!
  • I am only craving fruit juice, exactly the same as before, although I did have a bit of thing about mangos last week
  • OK, if I'm totally honest, the baby has also been requesting... (can hardly bring myself to say it)... fat Coke
  • Heartburn and the evil SPD are just starting to kick in - blee
  • As of April 1st, the government is giving all pregnant women £190 for keeping healthy in pregnancy. I spent some of mine getting blonded-up at the Aveda salon last night, and the rest is going on a lovely spa day with my fellow pregnant friend. That's what they meant, wasn't it?