Sunday, March 29

The Unexpected Sunday

I never thought I'd say this, but today, I had the pleasure of spending my day at... the Welsh Conservative Party Conference. Not for fun, you understand - for work, to schmooze with the right wingers and try to get them on our side about asylum issues. (So, as you can imagine, quite a difficult job).

It was a lovely, sunny Sunday, so you can imagine how gutted I was to leave my lovely family tucked up in bed as I left to spend the day stuck indoors with a bunch of Tories (the vast majority of whom really actually did look like this).

But when I arrived, there was good news. The bulk of the conference had happened yesterday, so today's session was just for the morning. I could finish at lunchtime. I felt like a kid that's been sent home from school because it's snowing.

Only it wasn't snowing - it was a lovely Spring day, there was an hour of extra daylight and there was only one place to be. My favourite beach.

But first, a toddler birthday party, where I sat in the garden watching happy girls in fairy dresses, while I drank green tea and ate my bodyweight in amazing cappuccino cake.

Then to Ogmore, where we chased a ball (Blod), saw lots of horses and newborn baby lambs, took photographs (me), looked for crabs, threw stones into rock pools (Gwen) and even stopped off in the pub on the way home for a cheeky half of Reverend James (Mr Meep).

Rockin' the beach look in fairy dress, furry coat, wellies and stripy tights

And this evening, I've won a gorgeous Joey Mei Tai on eBay, there's veggie sausage and mash for supper, then it's off to bed to watch The Edge of Love.

The first day of British Summer Time was definitely a good one.

Tuesday, March 24

Why I hardly blog anymore

Because I'm painting, sanding, varnishing, waxing...

Here are the latest developments.

This weekend's project: revamp the washstand in the bathroom.

Before... (this pic was taken when we came to view the house)

And after... (in all-new cherry red bathroom!)

The kitchen before...

And finally now finished and with pictures and cute cake tins and everything...

And the finished dining room...

How far we've come in a year. Next up - Gwen's and her sister's new bedroom; revamped conservatory (currently full of tins of paint and ladders); and completely relanscaped garden. Oh, and I'm having a baby in 12 weeks time. Eeek!

Monday, March 23

Why I love my daughter - part 12,360,567

There are lots of reasons to love my snail, but today she really came up trumps.

Mr Meep and Gwen have gone up to Harrogate for a long weekend to visit the inlaws. I've stayed at home to do four days xtreme DIY (Happy Mother's Day!), making a new boudoir for Gwen and shabby chic-ing some of the old furniture we inherited with the house (pics to follow...).

I've spent all weekend in my paint-covered, dusty DIY clothes, my unwashed hair in bunches, no make-up, seven months pregnant and 10lbs heavier than normal. I just looked in the mirror and realised I look like the perfect candidate for 10 Years Younger.

Then Mr Meep just text me to say: "We really miss you. Gwen saw a cartoon of Barbie on the TV today and thought it was a programme about you."

God, I love that girl.

Anyway, here's a pic of me enjoying the sunshine while out on a dog walk over the weekend...

Thursday, March 19

About A Dog

Last night, I managed to persuade Mr Meep to come and watch a very highbrow arthouse film... it was called Marley and Me.

I am still traumatised by it. It was probably up there with Beaches and In Her Shoes in terms of me actually sobbing out loud in the cinema (thank God it's dark in there). I won't say too much - in case you fancy a good weep yourself - but, well, the dog dies. It's a long, drawn-out, tragic scene that only the emotionally retarded or downright psychopathic would not shed a tear at (Mr Meep, I noticed, didn't produce even the slightest drop of eye saline).

Anyway, I came back from the cinema all cried out and full of love for the Blod. Which got me thinking about how Her Stinkiness rarely gets a mention on the blog these days.

And so, I present, a tribute to my honkiest, hairiest friend...

Ode to Blod

You bark at people passing by
You're always chasing sheep
You wake us up by growling
When we should be fast asleep

Your breath is absolutely foul
Your farts are just so smelly
You're always rubbing fox poo
On your matted, muddy belly

But I love you anyway
You're so eager to please
Especially if behaving well
Could possibly lead to cheese

I love it that you guard us all
By sleeping on the landing
All you want is walks and pats
You're not very demanding

Your tail does 4000 wags per minute
When I walk through the door
You've got a constant sad look
And some lovely paddy paws

When your ears flap in the wind
It fills me with deep joy
It almost makes up for the time
You ate Gwen's horsey toy

It's funny that you steal our socks
And carry them around
And when we're at the beach
You dig huge holes under the ground

So thanks for being my favourite stinky, waggy, hairy pet
I dread the day we'll have to make a one way trip to the vet

Tuesday, March 3

Happy, lovely, wonderful dresses

Although I always bang on about money not being important, occasionally I think about how happy I would be if I had all of these lovely, lovely dresses. Just me and my lovely, lovely dresses, floating about with a cute pair of pumps and a big red handbag...

Time to finally learn to sew, I think.