Friday, August 28

Friday Foraging

Figs from the garden. Blackberries from the bushes in the park.

About to be transformed into Fig and Port Sorbet and a good old fashioned Blackberry Crumble.

I love free food.

Monday, August 24


It's a coming. There's a chill in the air at night, I've broken out the thicker duvet, been foraging for blackberries and made the first soup of the season.

So looking forward to snuggly blankets, pumpkin carving, mashed potato, bonfire smells, furry coats, crispy days, falling leaves, Christmas countdown, boots and tights, stripy mittens.

I love the seasons, me.*

*Apart from winter, which I like for December, then get totally sick of come mid-January and no amount of fairy lights, hot chocolate, roaring fires and knitted hats with cat ears can get me out of my seasonal grump.

Friday, August 21

The Big Sister

Dear Gwen,
Although you're not the littlest one anymore, I just want you to know that you'll always be my baby.

Love, Mam

Thursday, August 20

Lookie Likie

Having lunch today, I looked over at Mr Meep and saw that he and Molly were recreating a photograph that I have of Mr Meep and Gwen. The babes are even wearing the same baby grow.

Gwen - 17 weeks

Molly - 9 weeks

Thursday, August 13

Not that I'm tired or anything...

... but in the last week I have:

  • Put cat food in the powder drawer of the washing machine

  • Left my bank card in the chip and pin machine in the post office

  • Gone to the village shop for tea bags and come back with milk

  • Gone completely blank when someone asked me what the baby's name was

  • Went to the florist to buy my nan a bouquet for her birthday. The florist looked at me and said: "Aw, how old?". I was baffled - I hadn't said who the flowers were for. I said, "She's 84". She laughed. I looked confused. She pointed to my chest, where Molly was sleeping in the sling. I'd kind of forgotten she was there.