Tuesday, March 30

Oh how I wish I was Sophie Dahl

Oh how my life would be perfect if I could just be Sophie Dahl.

Gorgeous Sophie.

So incredibly beautiful.

Articulate and intelligent.

Those amazing eyes.

An impressive selection of dresses.

Writes rather lovely novels.

And now, she cooks as well.

Oh, how my life would be perfect if I could just be Sophie Dahl.

(And she's named after my favourite lentil-based Indian dish.)

Wednesday, March 24

Office Bollotics

Water coolers
Crap coffee
Notes in the kitchen
"Wash your dishes"
"Clean your mess up"
Stabbing backs and bitching

Last night's telly
Weekend weather
What you had for supper
Lottery sweepstake
Dodgy jokes
Must be time for a cuppa

Flourescent lighting
Much too hot
Boss you'd like to punch
Narky emails
Energy slump
Great, it's time for lunch

Back to it
Heads down
As much fun as a wake
Sneaky surfing
Facebook status
Anyone got any cake?

Looking busy
Time dawdling
Tick tick tock
Inane chatter
Brain mashup
Thank god it's 5 o'clock

Thursday, March 18

Making me smile

Evening trips to the beach now the days are longer
Sweet potato and tamarind soup
My friend C's amazing, almost-popped bump
... and her belly cast (so doing one of those next time)
Digging the veg patch in the sunshine
Cups of roibos on the bench under the holly tree
One Born Every Minute
Blood oranges in the veg box
Molly getting a whole new perspective on life as she crawls around the house

Tuesday, March 16

There's a worm at the bottom of my garden

Gwen has been helping me in the garden. She especially loves - the worms.

These are Debbie, Nic (named after our friends), Emily, Ralphi (after her cousins) and Wiggly Woo (you know, like the song about the worm).

In other snail-related news, after a hard morning's bread baking and gardening and park-going, we sometimes have a chill-out for 20 minutes after lunch and watch a couple of music videos on You Tube. Current favourites are Madness videos and she's a bit partial to Nizlopi's JCB song. Yesterday though, she announced "I want to see some ladies singing."

I racked my brains. Tried Girls Aloud - not impressed. Forgetting the saucy nature of it, I tried Lady Marmalade from Moulin Rouge. "Oh look," she said, pointing at L'il Kim writhing around in her grundies, "that lady has forgotten her dress." I swiftly clicked off that one.

Hmm, what could I find for her? She previously had a thing for Mana Mana and she wants ladies singing. Suddenly, it came to me. I remembered this...

I laughed all the way through it. She absolutely loved it. She's been asking to watch it all day long and proudly declared "I know the words" earlier, while wagging her finger and singing along. And she got very cross with me and Mr Meep when we laughed at the lovely ladies.

Oh dear. I have created a monster.

Sunday, March 7

I love Sundays

A lie in until nine
Banana pancakes and coffee
Digging over the veggie patch
Chatting to lovely neighbours
Gwen finding worms in the soil
Roibos tea on the patio
Home-made cake in the oven
Devouring The Observer
Off to the farm shop for Earl Grey and carrot cake and watching the chickens
Take the scenic route back home
Dancing in the kitchen
Babies fast asleep
7pm snacks of wasabi peas and Leffe
Pumpkin tagine almost ready
And an early night with a good book (and more tea, of course)

Tuesday, March 2

The Magic Forest

My mum had a 'practice run' of looking after to the two croutons today, so me and Blod went for a long walk and found this enchanted wood with a babbling brook. And if you look really carefully, I'm sure you can see some fairies hiding in there.

Monday, March 1

Welcome back

Happy St David's Day
Happy Spring
Happy, happy everything

Sun in the sky. Playing in the park without gloves and hats. Lambs in the fields. Daffodil bulbs poking through the soil. Washing drying outside on the washing line. Welcome back, Lady Spring. It's great to see you.