Friday, September 10

Cupcake love

Banana spiced cupcakes with cream cheese vanilla icing by Emma and Gwen.

Do pop in for one. I'll put the kettle on.

Monday, September 6

All happiness and sparkliness and loveliness

AKA The post with way too many exclamation marks

I got the job - wee-hee! I am the part-time in-house journalist/copywriter at a drama school/arts venue. I have wanted to work in the arts for a yonk and it's sooo hard to get in, but now - I'm in. We will be penniless but happy.

Gwen is officially being unschooled until further notice. Yay! I may start her in reception class next autumn, she may go to Steiner for a few mornings after Christmas, I might just keep her home until she's five, six, seven... who knows?

I got 75% for my photography module - an A! Whoop, whoop!

I had a lovely birthday with loads of fab cards and pressies - a Pip cup and saucer, lots of Teapigs, books and chocolate, and a fab Crumpler camera bag and a flash. I'm a lucky lady.

I've also had an amazing holiday in Yorkshire with glorious sunshine and a couple of meet-ups with the very lovely and mumpety family Atom.

On the flip side, I weighed myself and since the small ginger shouty one has gone off the mama milk, I have piled on the pounds. Am I the only woman in history to gain the baby weight when the baby's turned one? Note to self: When the baby starts eating food, you need to stop scoffing cakes (well, some of them anyway).