Wednesday, December 22

The Shepherd Solstice Celebration

In an attempt to get rid of the commercialism of the festive season and with my love of all thing Mother Nature and Steinery, I'm trying to honour seasonal celebrations. I was excited about the winter solstice yesterday and planned a day of warmth and fire and reflection and general family cosiness.

It was a right royal disaster.

Here are the highlights.

  • Took half an hour to get everyone wrapped up for a winter walk in the snowy wood, then both children started crying because they were cold after 10 minutes and we had to come home.
  • Planned a lovely solstice lunch - everyone got or getting over colds, no-one hungry, no-one ate anything.
  • We baked frangipane mince pies, which stuck to the tin and were a crumbled mess.
  • I acted out The Yule Faeries story for Gwen and Molly using various wooden animals in place of fairy dolls - Molly knocked all the 'fairies' on to the floor. Gwen lost interest and wandered off.
  • Crafting ended with Gwen, who hates any sort of organised craft activity, just painting glue onto pom poms.
  • Lit candles all over the house, which Molly promptly blew out.
  • The yule logs for the fire were damp and fizzled out, so bedtime milk and stories by the fire was a bit nippy.
  • While the babies slept, I had visions of me and Mr Meep sharing a bottle of mulled wine in front of the roaring fire, discussing the year that was and the year that will be. Instead, he played on the Wii in the lounge while I sat in the kitchen sorting out my old Good Food magazines.

    This so wouldn't have happened in SouleMama's house.
  • Monday, December 20

    Molly is 18 months old

    Dear Moll,
    18 things about you on your 18-month birthday.

    1. You have crazy bonkers hair.
    2. You are always filthy.
    3. You can hum along to Tomorrow from Annie - in tune!
    4. And you also a fan of Baa Baa Black Sheep, especially now you can join in with the 'Yessshir, yesshir' bits.
    5. You make a squeaky noise when you see a cute animal.
    6. You give us huge grins of delight then use both hands to smack our cheeks at the same time.
    7. You can say hiya, yes, shoes, ball, bubble, apple, dark, bye-bye, more, kiss, cwtch, eyes, hot, hat and duck. Oh, and shit, which I think means 'sit', but was also echoed repeatedly after your dad dropped something in the kitchen the other day.
    8. You've had a snotty nose for 18 months.

    9. You spend all day trying to climb on top of the dining table...
    10. ... and throw whatever is on the dining table on to the floor.
    11. You eat apples in a very unique way.
    12. In other fruit-related news, you like to take one bite out of every item of fruit in the fruit bowl, then put it back.
    13. You love a cup of Roibos tea.
    14. You only like books with flaps in them.
    15. If there is some dirt within half a mile of you, you will find it and poke your fingers into it.
    16. You love cats.
    17. You are not a fan of beards.
    18. You offer people kisses accompanied by a 'mwah' noise.

    Happy half birthday, my sunshine solstice girl x

    Sunday, December 19

    Snot and Snow

    All four of us have various degrees of achey limbs, snot, fevers and general yukiness. Plus we are snowed in. It's not ideal.

    However, I did manage to get out with Blod yesterday and the snow is rather spectacular around the village. There was also quite an amazing Blitz-style party atmosphere going on in the local pub. Shame we were all too sick to join in - bah.

    Monday, December 6

    10 Things

    1. Moll speaks! She says 'cwtch', 'kiss', 'shoes' and 'yes'. It's lush.
    2. My new job is rather lovely and I get to go to lots of music and theatre performances - we even had a brass band doing the official switch-on of our office christmas lights last week.
    3. And I'm going to London on Thursday - all day ON MY OWN. Wow. A quick photoshoot, followed by a lovely wander around a few galleries, hanging about in coffee shops and maybe a lovely light supper. And a two-hour train journey with a cuppa and a good book. Bliss. Eek!
    4. Two months into my antenatal teacher training and I have encountered my first knitted boob. Bizzare to say the least.
    5. We love the hipstamatic - so flattering, I look NOTHING like this in real life, plus it makes my messy bedroom look artfully dishevelled.
    6. Celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with lemon tart and Leffe yesterday.
    7. Have piled on the pounds, but can not seem to find a single minute to fit exercise in at the moment. Help!
    8. I seem to be the only person who takes their children to the park in the snow.
    9. Christmas is, quite frankly, stressing me out. My head is going to explode with the consumerism.
    10. However, looking forward to twinkly lights and mulled wine and open fires and spending time with some mumpets.