Wednesday, January 26

All the Words Molly Knows

Molly's had a word explosion. Here are all the things she can say.

Mama, Daddy, Nana, Bampa, Blod, shush Blod, cat, dog, horse, fish, head, fluff, zip, foot, sit down, get down, bounce, nakey (while naked and patting her belly), nice, jump, biscuit, apple, cheese, Babybel, car, bus, bird, shoes, sock, hat, kiss, hug, drink, fork, milk, cake, nose, dryer (hairdryer), kick, slide, ball, bed, eyes, bear, book, bathroom, brush, (ba)nana, egg, bowl, up, down, tractor, duck, sheep, pig, hippo, owl, knees, 'oghurt, me, bath, wipe, coat, tights, one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten, chick, bike, Esss Esss (Yes), hide, phone, hot, boo, good girl, peas, please, park, go-go-go, tea, door, close, more, bye bye, night night, poo.

And my personal favourite, said in a very Valleys accent, is a great big Hiyaaaa.

Oh, and shit.

She still can't quite get to grips with Gwen, who remains 'Eh' instead.

Here's what Gwen was saying at the same age.


  1. Oh bless! Eveline calls Phoebe 'bibba', usually at a high-pitch scream! Other than that, her words are scant - she knows them because I hear her same them in a whisper under her breath but flatly refuses to vocalise them! A complete opposite to Phoebe who was a wordy birdy from about 10 months. Shit always seems to be an included word toddlers manage to say...wonder why?! Beautiful Moll piccie. You are blessed xxx

  2. I love it how they both are/were saying tights. And nice dress, Mollster!

  3. Thank you Lady Green. Bet Eveline gets an vocabexplosion soon too!

    Bex - notice I am still squeeeezing her into it at 19 months when it's for a one-year-old.

  4. She is goooorgeous. Looks like Gwen's (2yrs younger) twin!