Tuesday, February 15

Mugs of Love

Nothing says I love you more than his 'n' hers mugs for your bedtime chamomile (madame) or rooibos (monsieur). After all, it's the little things that make life that little bit happier every day.

Here are 10 things I try to do every day to inject a little bit of sunshine into my world. I so need it on this greyest and rainiest of Februaries. Come on Lady Spring - get your buds and lambs and general newness and optimism over here quicksmart. Meanwhile, I'm keeping afloat with my little list of daily happy things:

1. Drink tea
2. Cwtch someone or something
3. Listen to some uplifting music
4. Read a book in a quiet corner for 15 minutes
5. Create something - soup, a cake, a poem, a list, a photo
6. Be outside
7. Walk or run or swim or cycle (hmm, this one hasn't really been working out lately)
8. Talk to any one of my favourite people
9. Eat lovely, nutritious, home-made food
10. And, of course, have a little bit of cake or a square of Montezumas Orange and Geranium

Little things = big smiles