Sunday, May 29

Gwen is Four

Dear Gwen,
This is all about you at four.

Four things you love doing
Wrestling - you are queen of the Big Gwennie Splash
Changing your outfit as many times a day as you can get away with
Making dens and beds and boats out of piles of blankets
Demonstrating your amazing dance moves

Four songs you love singing along/ dancing to
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Babooshka - Kate Bush
Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding
And, despite being raised on a strict diet of indie pop... I Need a Dollar - Aloe Blacc (oh, and anything by Lady Gaga)

Four things you love watching
Shaun the Sheep
Charlie and Lola

Four things you love reading
Noddy, your absolute favourite
The Gruffalo, still a big hit
All of the other Julia Donaldson books
My old Topsy and Tim books

Four things you like eating
Gnocci - tons of it
Green vegetable risotto, to my absolute delight
Ham sandwiches at kids' parties, to my absolute horror ("Of course it's not made out of a pig, mam - I can't see its face")
*NEW ENTRY* Poached eggs, since daddy found an egg poaching pan in the charity shop

Four funny little habits you have
You always, always have to wear socks to bed because you don't like the feeling of the mattress on your feet
You only like one cuddly thing in your bed at any time (current favourite: hand-knitted angel)
You have an irrational fear of flies, but only the ones that buzz
You detest - and resist - any sort of directed, organised activity, especially craft

Four other random things, just because
You draw amazing pictures of grandmas and warthogs and whales and planes
You say "actually" quite a lot
You're amazingly good at bandaging people
You don't own any trousers

Happy birthday my beautiful, funny, articulate, confident, emotional, creative, affectionate, generous, sociable, loud girl.

Love you x 4 (million)