Monday, October 31

List 7/52 All the Things We Squeezed Into Date Day

Dave and I (and Blod) had a rare date day and night last week - just over 24 hours to do whatever we bloomin' well pleased. No demands for snacks/felt pens/scissors/bottom wiping/Octonauts/tissues/Annie songs on the iPod/fairy dresses for a whole day and a night and a little bit longer.

A cuppa and some Hobnobs and The Guardian crossword (OK, not the most glam of starts)
A long walk through the fields with Blod
Leisurely lunch
Into town for a cuppa at Barkers, my new fav Cardiff coffee shop
Cinema trip
Meal at Jamie's Italian
A lie in
Breakfast in bed with newspapers (saved from the weekend especially)
A long soak in the bath - in the middle of the day (oh, the decadence)
Lunch at The Otley
Another walk with Blod

Then I started to really miss that crazy-haired pair of fraggles and kind of wandered about the house aimlessly for the last 20 minutes waiting for them to come home. And so the lovely, messy, chaos began once again

Sunday, October 30

Number Ten

Number ten from The List was to visit Westonbirt Aboretum in autumn. So we did. Beautiful colours. Lots of trees to climb and hug and hide among. And Earl Grey and some very nice home-made cake in the cafe. We'll definitely go back - perhaps even to Treefest next summer.

Wednesday, October 19

List 6/52 One hundred things that make me happy

getting into clean bed sheets - getting into clean bed sheets with just-shaven moisturised legs - soy hazelnut lattes - being by the sea - Laura Marling - walking in the rain - Maggie O'Farrell novels - The Guardian on Saturday - ladybirds - painted toenails - photography furry coats - home-made bread - Earl Grey tea - carrot cake - cwtches - hats with ears - libraries - all kinds of veggie curries - Waterloo Teahouse - going to the cinema - Thai curry - wearing wellies and walking up streams - my nan's home-made crinkle cut chips - my lovely friends - Michael Rosen - making soup - birth stories - bubble baths - being in a forest - avocados - veggie sushi - drinking chai on the beach in winter - little girls in stripey tights - home-made granola - reading blogs - The Idle Parent - Blod's biscuity smell when she's all warm and sleepy - my husband - my girls - independent shops - my mam's roast potatoes - wearing red - Innocent smoothies - Flickr - climbing mountains - squidgy baby thighs - corsages - floppy-haired little boys - being frugal - the smell of vanilla - being barefoot in the grass - one morning coffee from my cafetiere - train journeys - singing - vintage coffee pots - Spring - smelly things from Lush - Wales - early nights - baking - big, open spaces - breastfeeding mamas - back tickles - live music - fairy lights - Welsh wool blankets - bonfires - 6 Music - Nakd bars - writing lists - sunshine - Neal's Yard lotions and potions - watching sand run between my fingers - dancing in the kitchen - fresh air - cats with really big tails - the Fraggle Rock theme tune - digging earth with my fingers - home made everything - pizza night - mittens - swimming in the sea - babies in slings - people watching - Adam and Joe - donkeys - the word 'wonkey' - going to the theatre - that squeaky noise that guinea pigs make - old ladies with long hair - the Welsh word for microwave (popty ping) - and the Welsh word for ironing (smwddio) - Rolf Harris - flared jeans - really bitter dark chocolate - sleeping - people with passions - Spotify - notebooks - cute hair clips

I have actually done this list once before - I wonder how many things are the same?

Tuesday, October 18

List 5/52 On Not Being Very Happy

I don't do well in colder weather, no matter how many hats with ears, gingerbread lattes and furry coats you throw at me. If I didn't love Wales and my family and friends so much, I'd have hot footed it to sunnier climes aeons ago. And so, a list of why I'm down in the dumps.
  • Getting up in the pitch black. So not natural.
  • I have totally lost my photo mojo.
  • Finding the new rhythm that school brings to our days quite difficult to get used to - how to fit in reading practice, making nutritious and varied packed lunches, remembering PE kits and books and tins of beans for the harvest festival, and dealing with a very exhausted little girl at the end of the day. Roll on Friday when half term begins!
  • I feel flabby and wobbly and generally bleurgh.
  • I'm also looking quite wrinkly around the eyes. Not helped by Gwen looking at me adoringly the other day, then saying "Lovely Mammy, lovely wrinkly eyes."
  • Our house is damp and cold and needs a lot of money and time to de-damp it, neither of which I have.
  •  Terrified of teaching antenatal classes - having daily wobbles and considering jacking it in (although I know this will be better when I reconnect with my lovely sistas in my tutorial group on Saturday, making birth art with pastels and talking about placentas and stuff).
  • The annual consumerfest of Christmas is already stressing me out. Can we spend the whole of December on a remote Scottish island, holed up with books and warming soups and a wood burning stove instead?
On the plus side, I spotted this rainbow from our garden last week, so it can't be all bad. Next up, a list of things to be happy about. Because there's way more good stuff than bad stuff.

Tuesday, October 4

On Two-Year-Olds

I wish I could bottle the bonkers levels of cuteness of two-year-olds (especially this one). Their nonsense chatter. Their podgy arms. Their pot bellies. Their infectious giggles. Their love of being thrown about. Their funny obsessions with diggers/birds/raisins/worms/Babybel cheese. Their tuneless singing. Their love of being nakey. Their really small wellies.

I think I would like to open a day nursery for children who are two. Just them. No babies. No proper little people. Just this unique species of two-year-old toddler. It would be stinky, there'd be quite a few emotional moments, but it would be so much fun.