Saturday, December 17

Our Weekend Lodger

Gwen is such a girly swot. She comes home from school most days with star stickers on her jumper for being helpful, tidying up and generally being a bit of a goody two shoes. Mrs Morgan, her teacher, says that even if she is telling the whole class off for being too noisy or something, Gwen always likes to point out how good she has been.

This week, she was overjoyed to get the most ticks on the 'being good' chart on the wall. As a reward, she got a small chocolate lollipop and she got to bring Mrs Morgan's friend Bernard home. Here he is enjoying a cinamon swirl for his Saturday breakfast treat. He looks chuffed to bits.

Thursday, December 8

List 8/52 Naughty Things

This is the face of naughty.

Here are the naughty, naughty things she has been up to. 
  • Smearing yoghurt all over the table.
  • Running away. Approx 1,356 times this week alone.
  • Opening the suncream and smearing it in her hair.
  • Feeding her breakfast to Blod.
  • Unravelling the toilet roll.
  • Posting pieces of jigsaw between the floorboards.
  • Hiding under the table and trying to draw on the floor.
  • Jumping in a puddle that smelt of compost bins.
  • Trying to swig the dregs out of a bottle of Leffe.
  • Destroying a Lush shampoo bar by squishing it in her fingers.
  • Breaking the bathroom blind.
She's also quite fond of listing all the naughty things she has done that day. There are usually many.

What a naughty sausage.