Wednesday, March 14

Advice to a Young Lady Climbing Trees

When climbing trees, one should never compromise one's sense of fashion.

Surely a tutu and some crocodile wellies are an absolute must for the stylish adventurer?

Tuesday, March 13

Spring Skies

How terribly dullard of me, but I've been photographing a lot of sunsets lately. Boring and unimaginative, I know, but they are just so blooming beautiful. And all so different.

A 'Wow, that's so full of candy flossy gorgoeusness, I'll just pull over in an inappropriate spot and hang out of my car window to snap it' kind of sunset (Shame about the pylon).

A positively Zen-like, low-slung late afternoon sun. (What you can't see in this picture is two wild-haired, barefoot children doing quite a lot of shouting, then going waist deep in the water in their clothes, laughing hysterically, but then screaming 10 minutes later with the realisation that they are absolutely freezing cold. But it's a good illusion.)

A Sunday evening beach sunset - the best kind. Especially if you're watching it from the warm car with a bag of chips and all your mumpets.