Wednesday, June 27

Molly is 3

Dear Molly,
Some facts about you at three years old.
  • You are obsessed with wearing pink but, much to my delight, have recently added yellow to your repertoire
  • You have an imaginary friend called Bumbler (but he's gone a bit quiet of late)
  • You've started to do some really cool drawings - most of them are monsters and spiders at the moment
  • You always like a mini vegetable samosa or five to eat while we're doing the supermarket shopping
  • You are so full of energy that if you haven't been outside for a least a few hours each day, you start running lengths of the kitchen and dining room
  • You say very funny things, like "I can't finish my dinner because my fork's run out of petrol", "What are these pants doing in my bed? I thought it was a pine cone", "My poo doesn't want to come out yet, it's having its breakfast"
  • You like sucking ice cubes (but you call them icebergs)
  • You absolutely love books, and sometimes I sneak a look at you while I'm reading to see the delight on your face
  • You've suddenly become really sociable, bending strangers' ears about all sorts of things and stalking older children in the park
  • You tell amazing made-up jokes, involving elephants, made-up words and poo (Sample: Why did the elephant go to the dubon? Cos he wanted a poo!)
  • You are fearless and physical, and like throwing yourself off things quite a lot
  • You absolutely love the beach, and ask to go whenever the sun comes out
  • You refuse to wear trousers
  • You love dressing up - your favourite costumes are a blue princess number and a Rapunzel dress
  • You have the most beautiful hair that I have ever seen
  • You like babies, Cloudbabies, watercolour paints, cheap character nighties, tickles, making mud pies and eating filled pasta
  • You don't like having your hair tied back, wearing shoes and socks, sleeping and going out in the rain
  • Your third birthday party ended with you running naked around the garden, sticking sprigs of rosemary in your bits and shouting "I've got a willy!"
  • You are so happy and sunshiny, funny and full of beans, and I love our days hanging about together. Can you stay three forever please?

Monday, June 25

Photomarathon 2012: The Disaster

After last year's fluke win, I had a reputation to uphold - and I most definitely didn't. This was for two reasons.
1. It absolutely poured down for at least 10 of the 12 hours.
2. Dave and I had the whole day to ourselves sans sproglets, so we spent quite a lot of time in coffee shops eating, drinking and discussing ideas - in fact, when we picked up the second lot of topics at 2pm, we hadn't actually taken any photos.

So it's not surprising that these images are not quite up to the mark. I'm fairly happy with the first half, but the rest are shocking. Probably because I did them in an hour, as I'd run out of time. Oh dear.

The topics were 1. Your Entry Number and Celebration 2. Press 3. Friendship 4. City Life 5. My Favourite Thing 6. The State We're In 7. Handmade 8. Truth 9. Out of Place 10. Silence 11. Established 12. Smile

Wednesday, June 20

Three Times Around the Sun

Miss Molly is Three Today! Happy Birthday, my beautiful sunshine solstice girl.

I can't believe it was three whole years ago that you were this teeny (and so quiet).

Sunday, June 17

Friday, June 8

After the Rain...

The sun came out and we walked behind a waterfall. Wow, one of my most memorable Mother Nature moments ever. Probably not the best walk for a pregnant woman and two small children, as it involved lots of mud, very jagged and slippery rocks, no proper path to speak of, and a sheer drop just a few centimetres to the right - but we made it, and it was worth every scary second. It was here if you ever fancy a visit.

Friday, June 1

My Nan

One of the things on The List was to photograph my nan. I had a bash at it today. Quite pleased with the results as a) I have lost my photo mojo lately and b) I had the children with me so concentrating was a tad difficult. My nan's house is quite still and quiet, so I adjusted the colour and saturation a bit to try and make them look a bit subdued.

A bit about my nan:
She makes the best ever home-made crinkle cut chips (we had some today). She is incredibly blunt (sample from today "Did you like the piece of Gwen's birthday cake I sent up for you Nan?" "A bit dry. And I had a funny tummy after it."). She has the cleanest house in the world. She's from an era and a world where men went out to work and women stayed home, looking after children and keeping everything immaculate.

She's all about the thrifty. She is 88 (soon to be 89) and still puts full make-up on every day. She is Polish and met my grandad in a prisoner of war camp in Germany, married him after the war and moved to Wales. She still dreams in Polish. She was one of 13 children. Until about a month ago, she had never eaten a jacket potato. She has incredibly green fingers and can make absolutely anything grow. She has always fancied going to Spain (I wish I had taken her). When I was a kid, she used to make me sugar sandwiches. She would be appalled if she knew I was putting photographs of her in her apron and slippers on a public space.