Friday, August 24

List 12/52 The Simple Things

I generally loathe magazines, especially ones aimed at women (and this is from someone who almost worked on one of them - phew, VERY lucky escape).

Anyway, delighted to find this new one - seems it was written just for me. All about baking and foraging and thriftiness and nature and generally appreciating the small stuff. Can't wait until the first issue arrives through my door (delivered by officially the friendliest postman in the world).

And so, in honour of this beautiful thing - a list of my favourite simple pleasures.

  • Lying in bed and listening to the birds tweeting (which I am actually doing right now as the little croutons are at granny's house)
  • Freshly brewed coffee and an almond croissant (also about to have this too)
  • A stolen quiet moment with a book and a cuppa
  • Listening to my children's chatter
  • Blackberry picking - hurrah, it's almost crumble season!
  • Browsing in book shops
  • Swimming
  • Digging the earth and crumbling it between my fingers
  • Real ale in front of a real fire
  • Cutting the first slice of a home-made cake
  • Sofa. Children. Husband. Dog. Popcorn. Film
  • Sitting in the dark of the cinema waiting for a film to start
  • Playing my yellow ukulele (badly)
  • The snuggly, fuzzy, sweet milkiness of a newborn baby
  • Watching my dog bound through long grass
  • Reading inspiring blogs and poems and books
  • The 'aaaaah' factor of getting into clean bed sheets
  • The beach. Always the beach

Friday, August 10

Jude and Tim Got Married

My sister-in-law married her partner Tim last month. I was the official photographer - eek, what a responsibility! It was a pretty hectic day, involving lots of rushing about, changing lenses, organising people - plus I was a guest as well. 

As I'm quite socially awkward and terrible at small talk, it suited me to hide behind my camera all day. But wedding photographers, you have a tough job - I salute you (and maybe begin to undersand why you charge so much money!).

 Here are a few of the photos from the day. 

Tree Shadows

I sat under this tree one lunchtime this week - look at the lovely shadows. Ain't nature brilliant?

Thursday, August 9

25 weeks

Hello baby boy,
Here you are in my tummy, which is rather bumpalicious now. People are beginning to notice that I'm actually with child and not just a bit fat. Some really kind people even offer me their seats on the train.

According to the baby book I've got for your sisters, you are about the size of a pineapple (without the spiky bits, surely?).

Gwen and Molly do a lot of putting their heads on my belly and shouting at you "HELLO  BABY - I AM YOUR MUMMY!". Not strictly true, but I'm sure you really will have three people mothering you when you join us earthside.

Gwen wants to hold you as soon as you come out and is going to teach you how to walk and talk, and Molly is looking forward to feeding you some mushed up banana. They are both excited about seeing you fling food at the walls when you're a bit bigger (and Blod is very excited about an extra person to drop crumbs on the floor).

I am really looking forward to wearing you in a sling and kissing your fuzzy head. Daddy Dave is looking forward to blowing raspberries on your belly, but hopes that you don't expect him to know a lot about sport.

You will probably be our last baby (sob!) so I'm embracing every little kick, wiggle and hiccup from you inside my belly.

I can't wait to meet you, little boy baby!


Wednesday, August 1

Happy Yorkshire Day

Takeaway Betty's at Harlow Carr
I just found out that today is not only the beginning of my birthday month (yay!), but it is also Yorkshire Day. Being married to a Yorkshireman (albeit a very posh one from Harrogate), I consider myself approximately 1/117th Yorkshirewoman. And if I my heart wasn't in Wales, I would be heading North as a very lovely alternative.

And so, a list of my favourite Yorkshire things to do and places to see:
  • The RHS Harlow Carr Gardens (it even has an outdoor Betty's kiosk for the obligatory Earl Grey and carrot cake)
  • York - love, love, love York, its abundance of cosy pubs, cobbly streets, higgledy piggledy buildings and Raffi's Spice Box
Cosy pubs in York

  • Harrogate - The Valley Gardens, the amazing Victorian Baths that are council-run and therefore quite cheap,  lots of charity shops for mooching
  • Brimham Rocks - bonkers rock formation (slightly hair-raising experience with small children who run off, then shout 'Look at me, mam!' from the top of a 20 foot rock)
  • Hebden Bridge - quirky, hippy, lovely town
  • Skipton, with its market-town vibe and lovely canal
Skipton canal boats

We're heading there in a couple of weeks to stay at the inlaws lovely cottage in the Dales for a week (a holiday home whenever we want it - how lucky are we?), and I'm hoping to add these to my list too:
  • The National Media Museum in Bradford
  • The Yorkshire Sculpture Park
  • Robin Hood's Bay (or the coast in general)