Sunday, September 23

32 Weeks

The bad bits
The SPD is, quite literally, crippling. I can only hobble about v-e-r-y slowly, and have borrowed a walking stick and grabber off my 89-year-old Nan. Some days it's OK, others it's absolute agony, with me literally crawling to the bathroom across the landing in tears. I miss long walks with the dog. I miss being able to turn over in bed. I miss being able to run around with the girls.

The good bits
  • I can feel arms and hands and elbows and knees poking out. Sometimes, if I put my hand firmly on the belly, I feel a hand rubbing against my hand as if boy baby is sussing me out. It's the best feeling in the world.
  • I've got that lovely pregnancy glowy skin and shiny hair. Or so my lovely girl friends were gushing when they came over on Friday night (maybe they were just being kind).
  • I weighed myself this morning and I've only put on 12 lbs (yay!).
  • Despite my one-large-bottle-a-week Gaviscon habit in previous pregnancies, this time I'm fairly heartburn free. 
  •  I've started listening to my Natal Hypnotherapy CD and I'm really excited about the birth. After two such amazing ones, I was feeling twitchy about this one, but a few sessions of visualisation and re-reading of Spiritual Midwifery and I'm feeling all kind of 'I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!'. Bring it on, cervix!

My plan for the next few weeks involves lots of looking after myself and boy baby, with swimming and zillions of veggies and lots of relaxation. And sorting out the mountains of baby clothes that lovely friends have passed on to us. Oh, and getting builders in then completely redecorating the dining room and lounge (nesting, anyone?).

Monday, September 17

The Summer

A bit late, but we had a delightful and delovely summer. Getting back into the swing of school and work and September is proving to be a big struggle. The words homeschooling have been mentioned quite a lot - everyone is so much happier when we are just doing our own thing. Ho hum.

So, some highlights from the summer 2012. 

We went to the Dinefwr Literature Festival. We did some wild camping. It rained a lot, then the sun came out. I liked Gruff Rhys. Dave liked Josie Long. Gwen liked Emmy the Great. Molly did a poo in the gardens of the manor house and I had to carry it around in my bag.

Gwen eating her own-made pizza at Dinefwr
 We spent every possible sunny day at the beach. Best beach moment was taking an afternoon off work and heading to Ogmore for a BBQ and a paddle, staying on the beach until the sun went down.

Moll in the rock pools at Ogmore

We ate way too many ice creams. Gwen towards the end of the school hols: "Some people just have ice cream as a treat, but we have it every single day!". (Oh dear, back on track with impeccable child nutrition now, obvs.)

Chilling out by the river in York

We had a week in Yorkshire visiting the cousins.

And a week in Tenby, including some crazy hay fights and lots of splashing in the sea. Gwen learnt to boogie board!

Here hoping for one of those Indian summers, and lots more outdoor adventures before cosying up season begins.

Sunday, September 9


I keep avoiding posting here because I think I have nothing interesting to say and no nice photographs to post. But then I remember how much I enjoy this blog as a record of our family life, so I'm just going to blog about what we've been up to, because it's so easy to forget the small stuff.

This weekend, we have decluttered like mad. The girls have moved in to one bedroom together to make room for their baby brother, and I have been sorting out the piles and piles of children's' clothes that lurk around our house. I had a little cry when I bagged a load up to give to a neighbour, knowing that we probably won't be having any more baby girls in the future.

Saturday was our village fete, which was sociable and lots of fun. We got busy in the morning making a big batch of Malted Chocolate Cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book.

The sun shone all afternoon and there were pony rides, face painting, fancy dress, lots of cakes (mine were a sell out!), a coconut shy, tug of war, races, happy children, lovely neighbours and friends - we are lucky to live here.

Sunday, more decluttering and a lovely trip with the family Goldlion to the St Fagan's Food Festival, which was bonkersly busy, although you wouldn't guess it from this photo of our girls hanging out on the gate (DISCLAIMER: My children insisted on choosing their own outfits, hence the summer dress/winter boots combo on Moll and the lovely but way too big hand-me-downs on Gwen - they also left the house with about 20 hair bobbles each going up their arms).