Monday, October 22

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

It was a very big day in our house yesterday, as Gwen lost her first tooth. In true Gwen style, it wasn't without drama, and involved screams from the bathroom and lots of blood. Once she'd got over the initial shock, she was super-excited about the tooth fairy coming to visit, and even more excited about showing her friends at school her new gappy grin.

She wrote a lovely note for the fairy, and added a little silver crown, a bead and, of course her tooth (thank goodness I had managed to do number 3 from the birthday list).

In the morning, her tooth fairy - Mabel - had left her a shiny £1 coin and a little note on sparkly paper in teeny tiny writing.


  1. Excellent bag! I also very much admire Gwen's taste in notepaper.

  2. I still remember losing my first tooth. Big moment!