Thursday, October 11

List 12/52 Things to Look Forward to With a Newborn

Yay for babies in slings with funny hats!

  • Friends visiting and bringing food
  • Eating home-made cake every single day - and still losing weight (hurrah for breastfeeding!)
  • Discovering some DVD box sets to watch during those marathon evening feeds (any recommendations?)
  • Wearing him in a wrap sling
  • Buying him a selection of hats with ears
  • Stroking his furry ears and shoulders
  • Running my fingers down his tiny spine
  • Sweet milky breath
  • Funny little snuffly truffly noises
  • Photographing tiny feet
  • An excuse to hibernate for a few weeks
  • Snuzzling and snuggling and generally getting blissed out on baby


  1. Not long to wait now! Eek! X

  2. I know - and you should see the state of our house! He had better not come early x

  3. Amen to all these! My newborn is now 4 months (it goes too quickly) but I'm still trying to enjoy most of the above :-)