Monday, November 19

Welcome to the world Wilf

Here's our new baby Wilf. He popped out onto our lounge floor on Saturday 17th November at 7.32pm. He is just lovely.

So far he likes sleeping, cwtches and boobs, but he's not too keen on being put in his moses basket and sleeves. He has a quivering bottom lip when he cries and a smelly belly button.

We are all smitten.

Wednesday, November 14


There's nothing like spending your maternity leave sitting around in coffee shops sipping lattes and daydreaming about names for you new arrival... which is the complete opposite of what I've been up to. In some kind of extreme nesting frenzy, we have completely revamped the downstairs of the house.

In the lounge, we've repainted, laid a new floor and - the best bit of all - we've had a wood burner installed. It's amazing. The best money we have ever spent and perfect for cosying up for the winter with our new arrival.

The fire place from the lounge is in the dining room, it's all been painted antique white (a huge difference as it's quite a dark room on a gloomy day). I picked up a dresser for £40 in a charity shop and revamped it, and I sprayed and re-covered the dining room chairs.

I've also decluttered the entire house - so satisfying, but bloomin' hard work and makes me never want any more 'stuff' to enter the house (especially those small bits of plastic tat you get on the front of CBeebies magazine).

So now, baby boy, we are all ready for you. Just let mama have a few days rest before you come though, please.

Tuesday, November 13

Catching up: Half Term

Woah, what a way to start maternity leave! Straight into half term with an inset day on the Friday and then a week of fun and frolics with the little croutons.

The village's best-dressed witchlets
We won 'Best Dressed Family' at the village hall Halloween party, and were presented with this enormous stand of Halloween cupcakes.

We did spooky crafts at St Fagan's art cart (and, of course, ate hot fresh cheesy buns from the bakery), went to Techniquest for the first time, met the Goldlions in the park, had a Halloween and sparklers party with the neighbours, went to the beach (of course), had lunch with great grandma (89 years old and still makes the best crinkle-cut chips in Wales).

The serious business of St Fagan's cheesy buns
 It was so nice to have Gwen home from school for a week. Bring on Christmas! 
Halloween part 2

Tuesday, November 6

38 Weeks

Tool box? Check. Painting clothes? Check. 38-week bump? Check.
Am I really having a baby in two weeks? There is not a baby grow or a nappy or a sling in sight yet. And I'd forgotten all about breast pads and enormous sanitary towels and all those sorts of delights. Some serious list writing (and shopping) is in order.

Meanwhile, I have taken nesting to the extreme by completely revamping the lounge and dining room, and spent the entire weekend up a ladder with a paint roller in my hand (Dave did all the crouchy, crevicey bits, as SPD and painting skirtings is not a good combo).

And after a hard day's DIY, we went out on a last-time-for-a-while date night.
My midwife came yesterday, and has given us instructions on what to do if she doesn't get here on time (cwtch the baby in a towel until help arrives), and says that she is looking forward to a nice slice of my home-made carrot cake afterwards (we all had home-made cake at 3am after Moll's birth - midwife number 2 arrived after the birth, had tea and cake, then went back home to bed).

I've been doing a lot of watching of home birth diaries, reading Ina May Gaskin and listening to Natal Hypnotherapy on the iPod. So my mind is ready, even if everything else is slightly chaotic. Just stay in there a tiny bit longer please, baby boy child.