Tuesday, February 26

8/52 Weekly Portraits

Portraits taken on holidays in Hay-on-Wye last week.

Wilf - zonked out on Grandma and Grandpa's bed (nap lasted all of 10 minutes).

Molly eating the pizza dough that the children were making with Aunty Judy.

Gwen with just-got-out-of-bed head.

Joining in with Che and Fidel.

7/52 Weekly Portraits

Another iPhone batch as we went to the beach, and juggling three children, a dog, a ball, a picnic and a big camera is a job only an octopus can do.

 Wilf's first wide awake beach visit. He was taking it all very seriously.
 Molly just wants to get in the sea, whatever the weather.
Gwen looking just beautiful.

Joining in with Che and Fidel

Friday, February 15

Half Term

 Gwen has just begun to realise that I am a little bit odd. She came home from school the other day announcing with genuine surprise: "Mam, no-one else in the class has a rainbow weekend list! Not one single person." She means the piece of A4 paper I pin up in the kitchen every Friday with a list of all the things we're going to do on the weekend, written in felt tip pen in rainbow colours.

Sad, I know - but if I don't write things down, they don't get done. And when I write a list that combines a few boring jobs with lots of fun stuff and nice food to cook, it makes me feel happy.

This week has been all about the half term list. I was a little apprehensive, as I was completely solo parenting the three children as Dave had a big deadline and had his head in his laptop for the week. When Gwen finished school last Friday, I was really sick with a virus and hadn't eaten for three days. It wasn't looking good.

But today is Friday. We've survived the week without any disasters. In fact, it's been a great mix of outdoor play, creativity and fun with friends. The children have gone to bed tired and a bit dirty most nights, which I think is always a sign of a good day.  Probably could have done with a bit more chilling out at home and less food-related naughtiness, but hey-ho.

We even fitted in a beach trip today, in surprisingly spring-like weather. We ate chocolate cake sitting on the rocks and the children played barefoot in the sand. And tomorrow, we're going away for a little break with Dave's family. The girls will play with their cousins, and I'm looking forward to books, photography, long dog walks and staring at the baby.

Wednesday, February 13

6/52 Weekly Portraits

As I spent most of last week with a horrid virus, I didn't get the camera out much. So this week's shots are all done on my iPhone.

Wilf's thighs are perfect for squidging.

Gwen had her hair up and a new top on, and suddenly looked so grown up. Bittersweet. 

Molly in one of her eclectic outfits. 

Saturday, February 9

January in pictures

As January started, I was in that dangerous phase of new babyhood, when you realise you have absolutely nothing in your life anymore except a baby. A very, very lovely baby. But a baby that deletes most other stuff out of your life for a couple of months.

Just a few weeks before, I had long daily walks, cinema outings, photography, books, early morning swims, cooking, baking, coffee with friends, theatre trips, evenings to listen to music and eat meals at a leisurely pace (using two hands!) while chatting to the mister - where did that woman go?

So, to give myself a little reminder of my normal self every day, I started an Instagram project, where I photographed one thing every day that made me smile.

So January was all about muddy dog walks, ice skating, beach trips, big frosty blue skies, fairy lights, a museum trip, and of course lots of smushed avocado on toast and lots of cake.

(I'm emmatheshep on Instagram if you want to see the rest.)

Thursday, February 7

5/52 Weekly portraits

Wilf: "You lookin' at me?"

Molly is playing Rapunzel on the landing, using my very long scarf as her hair.

I'm so glad I've captured Gwen's uncooperative face on camera. She has Dave's eyebrows, my cheek dimple and a proper frown!