Sunday, March 31


Oo, I do love a new month. Thirty-ish brand-new days stretching ahead to fill with adventures and lovely things.

As Wilf is almost 20 weeks, I am starting to feel like I've lost myself a bit. It's happened with all three children. Almost five months of 24/7 care of a tiny person, with not a lot of me-time, can leave you questioning whether you have an identity any more (other than 'milk machine').

But with British Summertime starting today, spring coming soon (please!) and a brand-new month, it's time to sort myself out. I'm going to get my five-month roots dyed, get properly exercising again and start leaving the house with clothes that aren't covered in baby sick.

And now I've found my feet with three children and the house is a bit more organised, I've got evenings for blogging and reading and baking and films and music again. Yeah!

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12/52 Weekly Portraits

Wilf is wondering why no-one is holding him (wish I'd hoovered the rug before taking this one!).

Molly sitting on a bouncy trampoline with her bouncy rabbit. (She sat still for about three shots then announced "That's enough photographing for me" and marched off).

 Gwen surveying her stash from the Easter treasure hunt.

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Thursday, March 28

Wilf is Four Months

Dear Wilf,
Four months and the newborn days are way behind us, and you are a big, chunky bundle of grins.

You can roll over! You can grab stuff! You make lots of happy noises! You dribble (a lot)!

You spend most of the day trying to grab things and shove them in your mouth so you can dribble over them - various cwtchy things, the side of the sling, your hat, your cardigan... nothing is safe from your toothless, drooling exploration. 

You are making some new sounds - like a great big 'Mmmmmmmmmm' noise. You can't quite laugh, but look utterly delighted and do a sort of bemused noise instead.

We went to a wedding on Saturday and you were the star attraction (apart from the bride, of course, Sally if you're reading this!). You were wake most of the day and totally happy. Everyone wanted to have a go on you, and I hardly saw you all day. You were passed up and down the table during the meal. Even the catering staff were bobbing you up and down - and you loved every minute of it, grinning at everyone and making lots of friends. Even men were coming up to your Daddy and telling them how amazingly chilled and cute you were.

You are very long and wearing your 6-9 month clothes already. I have no idea how much you weigh as, being a third child, the chances of me getting down the baby clinic to get you weighed are slim to none. Anyway, you are happy and growing, so I'm guessing you're OK. 

You keep getting conjunctivitis, then giving it to the rest of us, then catching it back off us again... and so the cycle continues. Stop that now please.

And also, if you could go back to those days when you woke once during the night and not every three hours, that would be lovely. 

Love, Mama

Sunday, March 24

11/52 Weekly Portraits

Gwen had two visits from the tooth fairy in one week. Eating corncobs is proving tricky.

Molly likes being upside down and her one wish would be that "the floor was made of jelly, of course".

Wilf flexing his man muscles over breakfast one morning.

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Sunday, March 17

February in Pictures

Ah, February - my least favourite month of the year. Forget the January blues, Feb is grim. Still bloomin' freezing, lots of grey skies, not a birthday or a bank holiday in sight, and spring still seems like forever away.

But taking a picture every day has made me appreciate the small stuff. There was al fresco coffee, fish and chips by the river in Hay on Wye, daffodils, a breakfast date, long walks all wrapped up on cold sunny (yes, sunny!) days, lots of baking and cosying up with fairy lights and fires. See, it wasn't that bad after all.

All pics from my Instagram 365 project.

Saturday, March 16

10/52 Weekly Portraits


 One of Gwen's selection of silly faces

Molly spent the day scootering, got given a balloon and had an ice cream with sprinkles - three-year-old heaven.

Wilf being carried after a big, crying-with-real-tears, anti-pushchair protest!

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Friday, March 15

9/52 Weekly Portraits

Catching up with these, as I've been taking them but not getting around to putting them on the blog. I keep thinking I have to take really amazing portraits each week, which would be lovely. But with a young baby in tow, I've resigned myself to the fact that snapshots might have to do for a bit. I'll get my mojo back at some point in the next two years or so...

Gwen after school with messy plaits - we miss her so much during the weekdays.

Molly making a racket with a recorder (and not wanting to have her picture taken).

Wilf - those eyes, that hair, that bear suit. He is just yum!

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Thursday, March 7

Wilf is Three Months

Dear Wilf,
This month has been all about two things - chewing your fists and dribbling. All day long, you attempt to put your fist in your mouth, miss a few times before getting it in there, then noisily chomp on it while dribbling an awful lot of drool all over yourself/my shoulder.

At three months old, you like snuggling into people's chests, looking at lights and our fox lampshade, and lying on your change mat kicking furiously.

You do crazy poosplosions that end up shooting down your trouser leg and onto your socks. You can wiggle from one end of your cot to the other during the night.

You're not too keen on being in your car seat (quite unfortunate when half of our family lives a six-hour drive away). Apart from that, you are very easy going and quite happy to sit in your bouncy chair/the sling and watch everything that's going on.

You adore Gwen, who has worked out how to make you smile and coo a lot, but still not so sure about Molly, who is quite keen on shouting really loudly very close to your face and generally manhandling you.

You are a top-notch sleeper, but a bit of an early riser, with six AM starts beginning to become a bit of a pattern. Oh dear.

We spend quite a lot of time grinning at each other, and your smile lights up my life. You are just lush.

Love, Mama