Thursday, July 24

All The Words Wilf Knows

Yay, word explosion has arrived. Every day something new comes out of that cute little mouth. 

Mama, Daddy, Gwen, Molly, Blod, Nanna, Bampa, tractor, digger, choclit (chocolate), car, bus, lorry, airplane, bye-bye, mo’bike (motorbike), bike, dog, cat, meow (in a very sad voice), ‘ed (head), nose, eyes, teeth, belly! (while pulling t-shirt up), legs, feet, shoes, ant, bee, la’ybird, ‘piller, water, drink, wilky (milk), cosee (coffee), ice cream, ‘ug (hug), one-two, ready-steady-goooooooo, worm, books, bag, ball, no, park, slide, swings, cream (sun cream), coat, jam, toast, pasta, cheese, ri’ cake, cake, s’ghetti , ‘oghurt, cow, ‘oss (horse), sea, beach, dig, pool, get-you (shouts while being chased), sleep, pushchair, out!, euw, poo, nappy, fish, nice, apple, bird, kiss, ba’na (banana), thack oo (thank you), door, more, night-night, wack-wack (duck), oh dear, baby, tree, twain (train), ‘ouse (house), bum, Mana Mana, habeeday (happy birthday), splash. 

Here's what Gwen and Molly were saying at the same age.