Thursday, October 9

Molly is 5

Dear Molly,
Here are 10 things about the five-year-old you:

1. One of your favourite things is going swimming. You are amazingly confident, jumping in the deep end and swimming right across the pool on your back. We tried swimming lessons for a while, but as you don't really like any kind of formal instruction, we've left you to your own devices for a while. And jumping in, doing 'spin and splash', doing handstands and sitting on the bottom blowing bubbles is much more fun that swimming endless widths holding a float.

2. You claim to have no friends at school. but when we drop you off there is an endless stream of little boys shouting "Hi Molly", waving to you and generally trying to get your attention. And then we go to the park after school and you are usually ring-leading a load of small children in hanging off tree branches or running wild in the field.

3. You are amazingly laid back, even tempered and easy to please. You rarely get cross, you are never rude. You are so helpful and considerate. You hold doors open for me, clear the table without being asked and always want to help with the cooking.

4. You always have a bedtime apple. It was bedtime brie for a while, now it's an apple, which you like to put on your "bed-time table".

5. You call hail stones 'hay bales'.

6. You like doing your own thing, and dislike any kind of organised activity or forced fun. When I tried to plan a collage activity the other weekend, you looked at it, got your art box out and proceeded to make a 3D model of us as a family of worms. Genius.

7. You absolutely adore your little brother and are really good at entertaining him while I'm doing some domestic godessing. Sometimes your adoration takes the form of a lot of shouting and rough hugs and lugging him about, but it's all coming from a good place.

8. You love bugs and insects and creepy crawlies and try to keep every single one that you find as a pet.

9. You rarely go to sleep until about 9pm, but would happily lie in until 9am every morning.

10. You like Techniquest, going to the beach, camping (especially when you get to eat "Pop Noodles"), making dens, listening to the Matilda The Musical soundtrack, riding your bike, wearing your tankini, having a "huggy up", eating blue ice cream, listening to Starry Eyed on my old iPod, playing stroke-poke, and generally being tickled and thrown about.

You are sweet, thoughtful, kind, loving, individual and full of fun. Everyone needs a Molly in their lives.

Love, Mama